Everyone knows that a lie flat seat is better than a normal first class seat. Most of these lie flat seats can be found flying domestically between the East and the West Coasts. Of all the domestic carriers in the United States, Delta offers the largest number of routes with lie flat seats across the country. They label these flights as part of their Delta One business class. This means different upgrade rules, more on that later. If you ever want to fly on Delta’s best domestic product, here is a list of Delta One domestic routes.

Delta One 757-200

Delta One 757-200

Routes and Frequencies

To/FromFrom/ToDelta One FlightsFirst Class Flights

What to Expect

Beyond just a nicer, lie flat seat, flying in Delta One offers a lot more amenities. You can expect an amenity kit, provided by TUMI and stocked with Kiehl’s Since 1851 products. As far as bedding for your lie flat seat goes, you can expect a plush pillow and thicker blanket on your flight, a major improvement to the offerings of regular first class. Finally, dining steps up a notch; given these routes are considered premium routes, you can expect a better meal. If you are flying in business class, you have access to the Delta SkyClubs at each airport location.

Aside from that, you can also expect what you usually want on a Delta Airlines flight. Wifi is available on all flights for purchase. IFE is provided from a seat back screen, as it should be. There are power outlets at every seat or in between seats, and USB ports for each individual seat.

Delta Amenity Kits

Delta Amenity Kits

How to Upgrade

Delta is very peculiar with upgrades on domestic Delta One flights. The only guaranteed way to upgrade is to purchase the upgrade itself. Usually this is not the best option, given the exorbitant prices they ask for. If you are a Delta Diamond or Platinum, you can use your regional upgrades on these flights. I believe this would be the wisest use of regional upgrades, because these are the most difficult flights to upgrade without them. If you are a Silver or Gold SkyMiles member, or if you don’t want to use your upgrades, you can always wait for day of departure upgrades. These begin to clear 24 hours before departure, even for Diamond members. This means that Gold and Silver SkyMiles members will likely be out of luck for these upgrades.

Delta's Queen of the Skies

Delta’s Queen of the Skies

Landing Thoughts

I am not the world’s biggest fan of Delta. They are, however, the best run airline in the United States. Delta also offers the most consistent product throughout their fleet. Delta prides itself on its on time arrivals, something that their competitors have issues matching. The airline is an overall great experience to fly. My only issue is that they treat their elites poorly. They continue to devalue SkyMiles, to the point I call them SkyPesos. They offer buy ups to business class for non-elites in order to get a quick buck, and turn their backs on Gold and Silver elites. I think this is a poor decision, as it makes their lower tier elite status less valuable.

However, when it comes to domestic Delta One, they offer a solid product. The airline has some of the best food on board, second I would say to JetBlue Mint. The amenities are nice, too. I can’t wait to fly Delta One again!

Have you ever flown Delta One Domestically? What was your experience like? Let us know!


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