A common thread between these three aircraft? Any aviation person would tell you that it is fairly unlikely. For a start, one is American, one is British and the other is best described as Anglo-French. One ushered in the jet age, one ushered in supersonic air transport while the other had lots of passenger appeal.

So what is the common thread between the three? Each aircraft is beloved by its fans and each one has a remarkably fantastic web site online, that’s what!

A Little VC10derness

A guy called Jelle Hieminga created A Little VC10derness back in 2001 and this is the definitive web site on the Vickers VC10. The name of the web site comes from a BOAC marketing slogan.

The web page features many stories from people who flew the aircraft, from stories during testing to funny stories of happenings on board to hair raising incidents with all four engines flaming out during flight and more.

There is a complete list of all the aircraft built, many with their own page featuring photographs and more. For the technically minded, there are items such as a complete description of the wing design. It is fascinating stuff!

Do yourself a favour and give this web site a look. I have spent hours reading all the stories and information over the years which are well written and engaging, so check it out and enjoy!

VH-JET#1 & Her Sisters

Australia’s first jet airliner was a Boeing 707-138 which was delivered to Qantas in 1959. Amazingly, this aircraft was still around in the 21st century and a bunch of people retrieved it and flew it back to Australia in 2007.

Huge efforts from the many people involved are recorded on the VH-JET#1 & Her Sisters web site. There is a daily diary showing all of the things that the team did in order to restore the aircraft to flying condition and return her to Australia.

Not only does the web site chronicle the two years restoring and returning the aircraft, it also is the go to page for information on Qantas Boeing 707 aircraft. There are safety instructions, a wealth of pictures, fleet lists and more.

Just like A Little VC10derness, there are many personal stories with a lot of trademark Aussie humour throughout. Another excellent web site worth spending a few hours checking out.

Concorde SST

British and French people are extremely proud of Concorde and it shows on the British made Concorde SST web site. Just like the other web sites, there are fleet lists, technical information and more to whet your appetite.

After the Air France Concorde crash and through to the aircraft’s retirement, this site was the place to get the inside information on what was happening. All of this information remains online for your viewing pleasure.

Fascinating stories about the modifications required to return Concorde to flight are included on the pages. Did you know about the proposed Concorde B variant which would have removed the reheat and increased range? It’s all on here.

Well written, informative and interesting, you will learn a lot by checking this web site out. Happily there are also many pictures of this aircraft which truly deserves the moniker “iconic”.

Overall Thoughts

Creating a web site and making it informative and well written is no mean task. It is hours upon hours of work at the keyboard to get things just right. Throwing pictures into the mix adds more time and there is also the cost of web hosting.

One of the problems with the Internet is that people can just take a web site offline at any time and then it’s gone forever. These three are up there with the best in my book and I hope they remain online for many years to come.

What do you think of these web sites? Do you know any others that I should check out that are just as good? As always, thank you for reading and please leave any comments or questions below.

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Featured image via Pinterest.
All other images from the respective web sites.