The best flights are the ones where the seats are comfortable and the meals are decent. Qatar Airways certainly ticks both of these boxes, with the added benefit of great service and a nice cabin interior.

I enjoy flying during the day so I can enjoy the view. The schedule on this trip meant both my flight from Dublin to Doha and the return would be completed in total sunlight.

QR17 – Doha to Dublin (DOH-DUB)
23 December 2019
Boeing 787-8 – A7-BCD
Seat: Economy Class 14A
Departure: 07:35 Arrival: 12:35

At Doha’s Hamad International Airport, I used a self-service kiosk to check-in as I had only carry-on luggage. From there, it was through immigration and security which didn’t take very long.

Dublin flights generally board by bus, which is never fun. It takes some time for the bus to fill up, then you have to drive off to the plane. There we sat for a number of minutes before the doors opened and we could finally get on the aircraft.

A Comfortable Economy Class Cabin

Seats are arranged nine abreast, which is typical in economy class on the Dreamliner. All seats have inflight entertainment screens and everyone has a pillow, blanket and amenity kit waiting on arrival.

I find the maroon and silver grey colour palette to be quite elegant. Head rests are adjustable and importantly the seats feel soft and comfortable. When it comes to legs, knee room is acceptable but window seat passengers are penalised slightly by the position of the leg and inflight entertainment box, meaning you can only stretch your legs at an angle.

Breakfast Quisine

Once everyone was on board, we had the video safety demonstration and headed into the air. Breakfast is served once at cruising altitude and Qatar Airways introduced a new catering concept called Quisine last year, which aims to provide better food for economy class passengers.

Happily, the promises of 25-50% larger portions among other things is true. I chose the Indian vegetarian option and it was full of flavour and spice, which makes it one of the better inflight meals I’ve had in economy class. The yoghurt and fruit is also excellent and I washed it all down with a water and a pineapple juice.

Dozing To Dublin

I had been out with friends in Doha the night before, so I was a little worse for wear. That meant spending the rest of the flight relaxing and watching the odd thing on the entertainment system. Before landing in Dublin, there is a snack service.

This comprises of a box with two little pies inside and today I had the Chicken, Leek and Turkey Rasher ones. These are okay and make for a nice end to the flight. Soon after the cabin was secured for landing and we arrived in Dublin on time.

Overall Thoughts

Flying Qatar Airways is always a comfortable experience, both in economy class and perhaps unsurprisingly, even in business class! The crew are friendly and attentive, always remembering your order, which is better than some airlines can say down the back.

The Quisine catering is very nice and I like how the tray is not cluttered up with too many items. Having proper knives, forks and spoons is also pleasing.

Have you flown with Qatar Airways in economy class before? What was that like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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