Wow, this was music to my ears. I finally had the first experience of a client getting compensation on Air Canada to take a flight 4 hours later.

A client of mine was booked for a flight to Las Vegas from Vancouver on a Friday evening. I had already advised him the likelihood of the flight to be delayed due to horrible weather that week was extremely high. He told me, that sounds like a lovely idea, allowing me to spend more time at home before getting to the airport.

Constantly Updates

With the horrible weather across North America, I was providing constant updates for all my clients regarding their flight status. His flight I realized would be at least 2 hours delayed. Air Canada was not totally forthcoming on their flight delays. I had advised the client, that while the delay is only an hour officially, you should expect to see your flight delayed a bit more. Air Canada will need at least an hour to turn around the aircraft, and they are showing only 15 minutes right now from the incoming flight

Compensation on Air Canada to take a Flight 4 Hours Later

As I was wrapping up a few things, I went back to my phone to notice my perfect message:

a screenshot of a phone

Wow, I always hear about these stories on the wider web. However, this was the first time I had it experienced by myself or a client. Ultimately, he got $1,850 in compensation on Air Canada to take a flight 4 hours later.

Flight status of the two departures from Vancouver to Las Vegas. The client ultimately took a flight that departed 4 hours later from his originally scheduled flight departure.


Always keep an eye out on sold out flights. More so during bad weather delays when flights might naturally get sold out as the whole network goes haywire. Any request for volunteers can represent a great way to be paid to travel. In his case, as a frequent flyer of Air Canada, he will have no issues using this money like cash.