Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) features a lounge in Terminal E called The Chesapeake Club. British Airways serve London daily from BWI and passengers use this lounge before flight. BWI is connected to Washington DC by rail service so it is possible to reach the airport in 30 minutes from Union Station. This makes it a viable option for flights to London.

The Chesapeake Club

Immediately after security screening in Terminal E, you turn left and double back on yourself a little to find The Chesapeake Club. Signage with a script font directs you where you need to do. Apparently the owners of BWI still believe that script is an indication of elegance.

You press a doorbell to summon a staff member let you in. The lounge is perfectly sized for the amount of passengers. There were seating options available even though it was fairly busy.

Design of the lounge is club like rather than trendy. The soothing and warm tones make for a relaxing visit.

Business Centre

Those wishing to work were extremely well provided for with three computers available along with printers.

Opposite the computers is a hilarious throw back to another age. Landline phones. Three of them! Your secretary could make a few calls while you were busy on the computer. Or is that vice versa?

There are certainly options for any kind of passenger here.

Food and Drink

There is a decent range of food available which is all labelled in the standard British Airways manner. While there is no restaurant dining as per the British Airways lounge in Dulles, the selection is very modern. Sandwiches such as Tandoori Salmon or Prosciutto, Fig Spread and Gorgonzola are available for the peckish along with a salad selection.

Clam Chowder, how I love thee. The chowder in the Chesapeake Club is stunningly delicious. I was not expecting it to be so good, so I was very pleased with this.

There are light snacks available also.

The Bar

Bar service is conducted by the friendly attendants and there is a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. These are complimentary. There is also more food spread around the bar area.

British Airways flights from Baltimore are not Sleeper Services which means full meals are served on board. This is why I didn’t have very much to eat. Of course, I did try the bubbles.

Eventually it was time to board my flight and I wandered off to the gate for my overnight trip to London.

Overall Thoughts

My expectations for the Chesapeake Club were not high. I was therefore delighted to relax in the club like atmosphere of the lounge. The staff are pleasant without being excessively friendly so professional is probably the best word for them. The food selection was far more extensive than I was expecting which was excellent. It is clear that British Airways have specified a minimum offering in their contract and the club meets this quite well. Wireless internet is free and fast and really there is nothing to fault about this lounge.

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