Ever since I’ve posted about my trying out the new Fly Delta app for iPad, I’ve been getting a few emails and comments about the iPhone app. Most of those were either asking what happened to the upgrade list, or telling me that someone at Delta said the iPhone app no longer had the upgrade list. I was certain I viewed the list on the iPhone with the new app before my last flight, but unfortunately, I took a 2-week hiatus from travel. Now that I’m back out and about, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what the iPhone app can do, or more importantly, verify whether or not the upgrade list works.

I checked in yesterday morning for my flight using the app by clicking the red check-in button on the home screen.

I wanted to see if the upgrade list was there, so I went back to My Trips and found my flight.

Low and behold, there was a link for the Upgrade/Standby List, so I clicked on it, and found myself on the list. Number 2 for a handful of seats….yeah, that’ll last! 🙂

So…the upgrade list is alive and well, and appears to be even more clearly presented than before. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were some issues early on with it, so it may have been appearing and disappearing from time to time. You can even buy a wi-fi pass with your iPhone app now. You know how I feel about buying miles, which you can now do with the app as well. Don’t do it unless you have a specific award already lined up, and you need them to top off your account.

Finally, this update also made the Fly Delta app compatible with Passbook. The Fly Delta app for iPhone has been a favorite of mine, and continues to be. I like what Delta is doing with putting tools you can use in the hands of customers.

-MJ, January 30, 2013

Update: I am currently unable to view the upgrade list for my return flight, and I have reported the issue to Delta.