Avios is the name of the frequent flyer points issued by British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Qatar Airways and Vueling. When purchasing Avios to top up your account, you would expect all the pricing to be the same, but it is not.

At the moment, one airline is selling the points for a little less than the others. That means now is a good opportunity to make a bit of a saving before anything changes.

Purchasing Avios?

With flight prices being high for premium cabins at the moment, purchasing Avios can make sense. You should get more value for your spend if you can find reward flights available on the dates you want to travel.

I had a look at the Avios pricing for British Airways Executive Club members, those enrolled in the Aer Lingus AerClub, Iberia Plus people and the Qatar Airways Privilege Club. This is what I found.

All the airlines are selling the frequent flyer miles for the same price… except Qatar Airways. As you can see, the prices are lower all the way through, with the gap widening towards the higher amounts.

Right now, Qatar Airways are offering a 50% bonus as well, which runs through until 11 May 2023. If you are a member of the Privilege Club, you can take advantage of this and get even better value for money.

Overall Thoughts

Of course, the big advantage to purchasing Avios for less money is that you can transfer them between each airline. As long as you’ve joined more than one of the programmes, you are welcome to flip them back and forth at your leisure.

I used to always think buying additional points was a waste of money. However with the current prices of some trips in business class being prohibitive, using points and getting a frequent flyer seat instead could save you a decent chunk of change. Remember though – if you plan to do this, check there is award flight availability before you make your points purchase as they’re not refundable.

Will you be buying some Avios from Qatar Airways at the cheaper rate and in this flash sale? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Fasttailwind / Shutterstock via Aerotime.