There is a perception among consumers that only a certain type of airline provides cheap prices. Airlines that spring to mind in that category are Ryanair, Norwegian, Southwest, easyJet and others around the world.

What some people don’t know, which is a fact the airlines above count on, is that often the old school full service airlines are just as cheap. In this instance my British Airways flight – which included a complimentary meal – cost me less than €50.

BA4463 – Dublin to London City (DUB-LCY)
29 August 2018
Embraer E190 – G-LCYW
Seat: EuroTraveller 6D
Departure: 08:40 Arrival: 10:10

A morning flight to London City during summer usually means good weather and a slight delay. Today met my expectations perfectly and the flight was 20 minutes delayed due to the late inbound aircraft. Soon we boarded and I settled in for the flight ahead.

Quite quickly everyone was on board and we headed for the runway. Though there were aircraft in the queue to take off, congestion wasn’t too bad and we were in the air soon enough.

A Cheap Flight And A Free Meal

Considering the price of my flight, you might expect that there would be no food, or you’d have to buy on board. Not when flying on routes to and from London City Airport. These still feature complimentary catering in EuroTraveller (Economy Class) which is great.

Spreading the jam on my croissant makes it into a sweet morning treat. Everything else tasted fresh and delicious, just as it should. Not bad for my third breakfast of the morning! Now for an example of OCD.

Meals always have a lot of packaging and the trays are so small that it’s difficult to know where to put it. My tip – always drink the orange juice or water cup, and then use it as a mini bin. Works a treat and my empty tray looks pretty slick rather than a rubbishy mess.

Overall Thoughts

Consumers are conditioned into automatically searching for flights with airlines they perceive to be cheap. You should always avoid this and think outside the box. Last December I scored a ticket from London Heathrow to Dublin on British Airways as a same day return, booked about two weeks ahead for around £78. This was far cheaper than any of the alternatives.

No matter where I am flying, I always check the various airline options, especially when I am trying to save money. Often you can get a lot more bang for your buck with a long and well established airline when you might not necessarily expect so.

What do you think? Have you found good deals with the legacy carriers that beat the low cost carriers? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by spottergva via Go Travel Your Way.