There is an enormous Admirals Club in Charlotte which used to be a US Airways lounge. What always strikes me when I go there is the fact it is always really busy and it has very interesting ceilings.

One thing about American Airlines is that it manages to be very consistent with its lounge offering. While the designs vary slightly from place to place, what is offered is virtually the same everywhere.

Admirals Club Charlotte

Entering the club finds you approaching a large desk with four or five people all busily working away. Once given entry, I was handed my two free drinks tokens, which is something all non-American Airlines frequent flyers with status receive.

Inside is a lot of seating for the many people chilling inside. My first stop was the bar, where I ordered a bottle of water and a cocktail. I have no bar picture as people sit at the bar, meaning you have to squeeze in between them to get drinks.

Everything is on one level but there are numerous rooms dividing up the space. Charging ports are available at most seats, which is welcome of course.

Wireless internet is fast and free, something that the United States does well. Connectivity is vital nowadays and considering we’re almost in the third decade of the 21st century, it should be more common in other countries around the world.

What Is There To Eat?

Soup is always on offer in the Admirals Club and it is always really tasty. Chimichurri Steak and Tomato Basil were the two options on offer on this visit and the Chimichurri was quite nice.

My all time favourite Admirals Club soup was a Roasted Corn and Green Chile Bisque that I had back in 2015. Now that was astonishingly good!

Tealeaves brand tea is available and there is a coffee machine for those who need to be awake all the time. When it comes to food, there are a number of options such as fruit or nibbles to have with your drink.

What I always appreciate is all the healthy stuff you can choose from. Snow peas, cheese, carrots, olives and hummus among other things. It’s great!

Free water – both plain and fruit infused – is available, along with the usual cookie selection and ice tea. Everyone will have something to choose from.

Overall Thoughts

The American Airlines Admirals Club in Charlotte is a nice space to spend some time between flights. The high ceilings are really very nice and everything else is just like all the other clubs.

A refresh of the space is probably due as it’s been the same for a long time now. Even so everything is in good enough repair and it’s comfortable enough.

Have you been to this club? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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