A celebrity in coach?! Do tell!

So, on my American Eagle flight from Portland to Los Angeles on the E175 this past week (my favorite commuter plane), I grabbed my seat in Main Cabin Extra. Then after a few minutes, I noticed a guy holding a real nice duffel bag boarding the plane, and then my mum was like “I think he’s a celebrity”.

Then it hit me.

I was thinking about all those commercials for Santa Clarita Diet (the new Netflix TV show), and the guy in the show looked like him. But what was his name….

Mum: “It’s Timothy Olyphant!!” (directed to me of course, she did not scream this on the plane, that would be embarrassing). Turns out dad remembered him from the Hitman movie and told her. It was definitely him (Same hairstyle, he looked the same on google images, i give it 99% certainty). Also, he’s known for being the main star of the FX TV show Justified (2010-2015).

Picture proof! He did a nice celebrity photobomb to my picture of the E175 seat and seatback pocket 🙂


I was really shocked he flew coach! But to be honest, Main Cabin Extra isn’t that much worse than first class on a E175.

This was a fun surprise! If only Drew Barrymore was on the plane too… :O

Have I seen any other celebs on planes?

Well, I don’t devote my time and energy to scout out a celebrity, but when I flew on Delta One from JFK-LAX on a B767 two years ago, I noticed a lady (with nice luggage) and her dog.

Turns out it was Star Jones, who used to be on the View. She sat in the same row as me in 3D and put her dog on the extra table space closer to the window. She even had a doggy potty pad and I felt bad for the flight attendant who had to dispose of it…

How do I spot a celebrity?

Well, of the two celebrities I noticed (there could have been more I didn’t see), they all had nice carry on luggage. So, I would say that could be a good sign!


Have any of y’all seen a celebrity on a plane? Any fun stories to share?! Comment below!