The last time I flew on board a 747 was in 1999 or 2000. I can’t remember the year, but I do remember the route – Tokyo Haneda to Osaka, a flight of maybe 1 hour. I’ve been looking for the opportunity to fly another 747 ever since. You don’t see many of those during my short-haul domestic travel life, and the longer haul trips I’ve taken have been dominated by the 767, A330 and 777.

In planning an upcoming trip to Paris, I really had BA with a connection in LHR in my mind, primarily because I haven’t flown their first class product in years….many years. ATL-LHR-CDG with a nice break for lounge time in London seemed as fine a way as any to get to Paris, but then I saw this.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.48.02 AM

I had low-level inventory booked on Air France, but the allure of flying the 747 again taunted me. I checked availability frequently, but the price was always a bit too high. Finally, one Saturday I looked again….and the flights had dropped to 80,000 miles each. While my first inclination is to stick with the option that costs me the lowest amount of miles, the #AvGeek side of me overruled. This very well could prove to be my last real opportunity to fly on a Delta 747-400 as the fleet type is being retired, so I made the call. The Platinum Medallion rep secured my new flights in minutes, I confirmed seats 77A and 77K on the upper deck, and it was done.

I admit I’m checking nonstop options from Atlanta intermittently, and if one were to open up for our date of travel at a reasonable amount of miles, I could be enticed away from the connecting flight just for the sake of flying on a 747. But I’m getting a little attached to the thought of flying on a 747 again. Sometimes it’s OK to let your inner AvGeek have a little fun for a few extra miles.

Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines

-MJ, September 7, 2015