Today it was announced that Cathay Pacific return to Dublin from 28 March 2020. Services were suspended over the winter, as a combination of the season and the Hong Kong protests took their toll.

It is great to see the link restored as the flights are a popular way to get to Hong Kong and beyond. The oneworld carrier has excellent connections into Australia, which has close links to the Irish population.

Cathay Pacific Return To Dublin In The Irish Times

One of the main newspapers in Ireland is, perhaps unsurprisingly, called The Irish Times. Since such a major air route is big news in Ireland, it is no surprise that it was reported. However, the picture used to illustrate the article is certainly interesting.

A while ago, one of the airline’s aircraft returned from the paint shop and the airline name was incorrect. This is the image the newspaper chose to illustrate the return of the route. Is this a deliberate joke or just people not paying attention? Who knows!

Cathay Pacific Are Having A Chinese New Year Sale

Starting today, Cathay Pacific are having a three day flash sale to celebrate Chinese New Year. You can see the deals on Cathay Pacific’s Irish web page.

Naturally, the sale is across other countries too. Both the United Kingdom and Australia have the sale, and I daresay other countries will as well. You need to book by 27 January 2020 and fly from 28 March 2020 to 21 January 2021.

Overall Thoughts

It’s great to see Cathay Pacific return to Dublin, not that there was much doubt that they would. The Irish TV programme Nationwide showed an 80 years of Dublin Airport special the other night and shots of Cathay Pacific appeared prominently, which is nice to see.

When it comes to the Irish Times, I am not sure what they were thinking publishing the photo of the incorrect airline name. I’d love to know the process that led to that and whether it was deliberate or not.

Have you flown Cathay Pacific out of Dublin before? What did you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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