The official pictures of the new British Airways Club Europe catering have just been released. Regular readers would have seen four leaked images of the new food a couple of days ago.

Business class customers travelling within Europe are in for a treat. The new offering appears to be an improvement, so let’s have a look at what is going to be on offer.

Colourful Catering

September 12 is the launch date for the new catering and I am itching to give it all a try – hey, I like my food! British Airways say there are improved recipes which fits in with the rumours that extra budget has been allocated to the meals.

Forgive my guessing on what each of the dishes is. The press release did not say which was what, so I’m really making it up, but I think I’m not too far off the mark.

One thing about British Airways is the taste of their food. Something changed about six years ago and since then it has been very flavourful and very good quality. The Club Europe food page on the BA web site has also been updated to reflect the new meals.

A Few More Words

It is also confirmed that on longer flights, there will be a choice of two hot options and one cold, which is more than currently. Scones will be offered at afternoon tea time, which is departures from 14:00 to 16:59.

New wines will be on offer, served in quarter bottles. Coffee is going to be provided by Union Hand-Roasted, which should appeal to the coffee snobs out there, of which there are many.

Overall Thoughts

Personally, I am pleased to see the ubiquitous British Airways panini seems to be gone. Instead it appears that short flights will feature “two substantial main course salads” to choose from.

You can read the full British Airways Press Release at this link. What do you think of the new catering offering for Club Europe? Thanks for reading and please leave any comments or questions below.

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All images via British Airways.