The Capital One lounge is the main reason I applied for the Capital One Venture card.

This is the first lounge in the Capital One lounge network, the next lounges will be opening at Denver and Washington DC airports.

Card attributes:

The card has a $395 annual fee and includes a 10,000 mile annual bonus, a $300 annual travel credit, up to $100 towards TSA or Global Entry and other benefits. You also have access to the Priority Pass and Plaza Premium international network of lounges.

Airport access:

Terminal D is the mainly international terminal at Dallas/Fort Worth airport. The Capital One lounge near Gate D22 is directly opposite the down escalator from the Sky Link inter terminal train.

I am normally at the airport about 2 hours before take-off. My TSA-Pre clearance means that I am normally through security within 15 minutes and then I head straight to the lounge. If I am flying from a different terminal I hop on the Sky Link train and go to terminal D. I always set an alarm on my phone as a reminder to leave the lounge to take the train back to my gate in time for boarding.

a white building with glass doors

Outside entrance to the lounges

a couple of women wearing masks at a reception desk

Main entrance and the hosts


The signs outside say Capital One Lounge and American Flagship Lounge. You go through the entrance hall and take the elevator up to floor 5. On exiting the elevator the Capital One lounge is to the left and an AA lounge is to the right. You supply your Capital One Venture card and boarding pass to the lovely people at the desk, they will offer you a card with the wi-fi code on it and then you are in.

a plant on a table

2 or 3 people tables

a group of people in a room with tables and chairs

Counters for working on

a wall with paintings and a plant

Featured art work

Tarmac view:

My favorite aspect of this  lounge is the magnificent view over the runways to the west of the terminals.

a group of airplanes in an airport

View from inside the lounge

I have spent many hours sitting at the window with a cappuccino or 2 watching a myriad of planes taking off and landing. 

two black mugs with foamy coffee on a table

My 2 favorite drinks

a woman standing in front of a counter with shelves and shelves

The tea area

Bar area:

The bar at the opposite end of the lounge which has various recommended cocktails. On my latest visit I tried the Turtle Creek Spritz cocktail. It has rose wine, sparkling pink grapefruit as well as grapefruit liqueur. It was really tasty, fruity and refreshing. I have a mission to try all the cocktails on my next few trips.

a menu with text on it

Wine and spirit list

a menu of a drink

Cocktail and beer list

a bar with a person behind it

The bar

a tray of fruit and vegetables

There are also regular drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails as well as local draft and craft beers. This bar interestingly enough is where you obtain the hot coffee drinks. I love the cappuccino. I often order 2 so I can mellow longer. Water, soda and tea is also available around the lounge.

The bar also specially recommends the Nickel City Frozen Irish Coffee. It has Irish whiskey, cold brew coffee and vanilla cream. Rather special!


Meal area:

a tray of glasses and napkins on a table

Breakfast juices

Being there early in the morning I had a variety of breakfast items like sweet potato overnight oats, yoghurt parfait, french toast, croissants, etc to choose from. The oats were a first for me, rather yummy as was the yoghurt.

a group of desserts in a glass case

Sweet potato oats and yoghurt parfait

a group of white objects on a black surface

French toast

a tray of food on a table

Devilled eggs and vegetable hummus

a trays of silverware and salt shakers

Elegant cutlery


By the time I left for my flight just after 10h30 they had started putting out lunch type items such as bourbon glazed meat balls, deviled eggs, hummus and vegetables and bbq brisket sliders, The meat balls and sliders have quite a Texas bent to them, flavorful with a bit of a kick.

The Capital One lounge concept is to provide you with a lot of smaller dishes to try rather than a buffet or other main type of meal.

Take out station:

Conversely I also look forward to leaving as I then get to choose from the delightful take out station with a variety of food and drinks specially packed for taking on the plane or for snacking on while waiting at the gate. 


shelves of drinks and beverages on shelves

Fridge of take out options


Rest rooms and showers:

The rest rooms are spacious and clean, really pleasant to use. They are bathroom size with a basin, shaving mirror and storage unit.

a card with text on it

Facilities instructions

a sink and a mirror in a bathroom

Basin and shaving / make up mirror

a toilet in a bathroom

The commode

Shower suite:

I had a lovely warm shower on my latest visit. The room includes a toilet and is nicely fitted with a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and extra towels. There is a cupboard with hangars for your coat or other clothes, even hooks behind the door. 

a sign on a door

Shower suite entrance

a bathroom sink with a hair dryer and a hairdryer

Basin with hair dryer

a shelf with a bowl and towels

Soap, shampoo, conditioner

a shower curtain and a shower head

The shower head

a closet with a coat and towels

Place to hang your jacket

a bathroom with a toilet and a blue stool

The other head

Other facilities:

There are other facilities like a nursing room, cycling and yoga room, a relaxation room and a multi-faith prayer room. The prayer room includes washing facilities if that is what your religion requires. 

The exercise cycles have a video monitor for distraction while cycling but there is also a view of the tarmac and runway visible through the window that should also keep you happy.


exercise bikes in a room

Exercise bicycles in the fitness room


a sign on a wall

Multi-faith prayer room

a shower with a bench and a shower head

Multi-faith room washing facilities available


a sign in a room

Capital One lounge entrance sign

Capital One has made a great decision to start with airport lounges. The concept is different to other lounges but all in all the Capital One Lounge is a great addition to the lounges available to travelers at Dallas/Forth Worth international airport..

It is my personal favorite and I stop there every time I fly out of DFW.