So, I recently finished my spring break trip to Honolulu, and I flew back a day before my friends who happened to be in Hawaii coincidentally. They booked their flights on Alaska Airlines, and the flight was scheduled for a 4 PM departure. They texted me during their delay, and finally at 6:30 PM the plane was still in maintenance and Alaska Airlines decided to cancel the flight, and rebooked them for an 8am flight the following day.

I was really curious what they were going to get, especially in regards to their hotel room! There aren’t many hotels next to Honolulu International Airport, and the ones nearby aren’t so nice. Would they shuttle them to Waikiki?

Compensation Given for Cancelled Flight:

For their troubles, my friends got…

  • A room at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani in Waikiki
  • $250 Alaska Airlines Voucher for a future flight
  • $15 for dinner
  • $15 for breakfast
  • Shuttle to and from HNL and Waikiki
a tall white building with many windows and palm trees

Way nicer than a airport hotel! Image: Sheraton Princess Kaiulani

Therefore, I believe the compensation was definitely fitting and not bad at all in my opinion! My friends were happy as well because hey, another night in Waikiki versus being next to the airport. Furthermore, at least they weren’t stuck waiting at the airport forever and given time to “enjoy” the delay, and they were compensated for the cancelled flight. Above all, they get another day in paradise!


Would you be happy with the compensation Alaska Airlines provided? Anyone have cancellation stories to share? Comment below!


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