Australia’s capital city is Canberra and many politicians fly from all over the country to attend Parliament there. Both of Australia’s domestic airlines serve the city multiple times per day.

Qantas has paid lounge access called The Qantas Club, plus there is also another type of lounge called the Domestic Business Lounge. These are for business class passengers and oneworld Emerald level frequent flyers only. Let’s check out the one in Canberra.

Canberra Has Curves

Once you go up the escalators, you arrive at desks where your credentials are checked. From there you can make your way inside where you will find the lounge curves around to the area with the food and drinks.

Seats and tables are very similar to the other lounges in the network which is comfortingly familiar. I perched myself in an orange chair next to an electrical outlet as I wanted to do some writing.

These outlets are not spread evenly throughout the lounge, which is something that will need to be addressed. Time marches on and people expect to be able to charge their devices.

A long table with plug sockets in the top is provided on the way to the food buffet, so there is provision for working. Wireless Internet is available throughout the lounge and is fast and free.

Barista Coffee and Biscuits

All the main Qantas lounges in Australia feature barista coffee and Canberra is no exception. I found the staff to be particularly friendly when getting my coffee which I quite like. Happy staff make for happy customers!

While getting my coffee, I came across two jars of biscuits. Australian biscuits! Two of my favourite types of Australian biscuits at that! On the left are delicious Chocolate Monte biscuits while on the right are equally good Shortbread Creams.

For someone who emigrated from Australia, the provision of these biscuits is so very Australian. These are so good I bring packets of them back home with me, so they were great to see.

Sleek Toilets

Modern styling continues in the toilet facilities, especially the lighting which is quite soft. This compliments the modern design very well for your moments visiting here.

Interestingly, Qantas are using Molton Brown products in Canberra. Virtually all the other lounges use Aspar products, so I am curious as to why this lounge is different. Nothing wrong with Molton Brown, but it’s an interesting divergence from the norm.

Overall Thoughts

The Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Canberra is a decent lounge and I found it to be fairly quiet when I visited. As I was doing three flights on the day I visited, I did not raid the extensive buffet like I usually do. In fact, I didn’t even get a picture! I know!

Friendly staff and comfortable facilities make this a pleasant retreat between flights in Australia’s capital. Thank you for reading and ig you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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