Singapore’s Changi Airport is usually rated one of the best in the world. One reason for this is that it contains unique things for passengers such as a swimming pool and a cactus garden.

Whenever I have passed through the facility on my way to or from Australia, I have always had an easy and seamless experience. Everything flows well and the airport is just a total joy to use.

Swimming During Transit

In Terminal 1, there is a swimming pool that is available for all passengers to use. This costs SGD$17 which I think is quite reasonable as a swim would be the perfect antidote to a long flight.

People who are booked in the transit hotel in that terminal are able to use the pool for free. I have not yet used the pool but it is high on my list of things to do next time I pass through the airport.

A Cactus Garden

Upstairs in Terminal 1 is a mighty fine cactus garden which people can visit while at the airport. It not only features a variety of cacti, but also has a bar where you can grab a drink.

If you are someone who smokes, it is also the place to be as you can smoke outside in the humid Singapore air. This is far nicer than sitting in one of those smoking booths like they have at some airports like Bangkok.

Happily there is tons of cactus around to see, which is pretty cool even if that is not your thing. How many other airports have a cactus garden where you can drink and smoke? I’ll bet there are none!

Overall Thoughts

These are just two of the things that Singapore Changi Airport offers users and both are in Terminal 1. Other terminals have things such as a Koi Pond and an evocatively named Enchanted Garden to name but two of many.

While I have visited the Cactus Garden many times, I have yet to experience the other facilities. Most important though is the fact that a transit, arrival or departure is always fast here which is why the airport is so highly rated.

Have you used the Singapore Changi facilities before? What do you think of them? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image courtesy of Singapore Changi Airport.