About a year and a half ago, British Airways announced a new business class seat called the Club Suite. These feature privacy doors, giving the airline an up to date and on trend product offering.

First class, which does not have any kind of door, was not updated at the same time. Depending on your perspective, you could argue the Club Suite is better than first class. Not having tried the new business class seat, I couldn’t say which one is better, but I daresay first class comes out ahead.

Privacy Doors Come To First Class

Head For Points have the scoop on British Airways’ plans to add not one but two privacy doors to their existing first class seats. This will elevate the product to ensure it remains ahead of Club World.

From October, new Boeing 777-300ERs with first class will have the slightly modified seat. The seat is the same as the latest one installed on the Boeing 787-9 aircraft, modified to have the new doors as well as a new triple point seat belt.

Apart from the seat belt and doors, the seat will remain essentially the same as today. Whether the doors will be added progressively to the rest of the fleet remains to be seen. If it is, it will likely take quite some time.

Overall Thoughts

Privacy doors are the current holy grail of business class products. British Airways now have it on some aircraft in Club World, Qatar Airways have it with their Qsuites on many aircraft, to name but two. Since they are now the trend in business class, first class has to be kept at least equal in this regard.

Having not yet had the pleasure of privacy doors when travelling, I can’t tell you whether they are amazing or not. Once I do get to try this, which should be later this year all going well, I’ll be sure to write about them in my usual detail!

What do you think of this development for British Airways first class? Are you a fan of these doors in general or does it make no difference to your life? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Kentaro Iemoto in Tokyo, Japan via Wikimedia Commons.
Doors and seatbelt image via Head For Points.