Some secrets need to be revealed and British Airways have a big one when it comes to Emirates. The two airlines ostensibly have no affiliation with each other and Emirates is not a member of any of any of the three global alliances. The airlines are standard competitors in the industry and there appear to be no links between the two.

Or is there?

Qantas and Emirates Partnership

In 2013, Emirates and Qantas formed a close partnership together which meant that each airline placed the others code on their flights. This would allow a person to book a ticket from Sydney to Dublin and return with Qantas with the flight from Sydney to Dubai on Qantas and the flight from Dubai to Dublin on Emirates but with the entire trip having a Qantas flight number.

The agreement allows each airline to sell tickets on the others services as though they were their own. Codeshare agreements are quite common in the industry however this one is much more extensive than most.

The Secret Back Door to Earning with Emirates

British Airways and Qantas are both members of the oneworld alliance which allows members of any frequent flyer programme to earn miles with any of the member airlines. Third party airlines are generally excluded from earning even when it is a codeshare flight. The British Airways web site says the following though.

The last line of text indicates any flight carrying a Qantas flight code on any third party airline will earn British Airways Avios as though flying with Qantas. This means that if you book a flight on the Qantas web site that happens to actually be an Emirates aircraft you will earn full Avios and Tier Points as though it was actually Qantas you were flying.

Overall Thoughts

This is not limited to Emirates. Any airline Qantas has a codeshare agreement on will work. This includes airlines such as Fiji Airways, Alaska Airlines and WestJet among others. The caveat is that you must book through Qantas and the flight must be a Qantas codeshare with a QF flight number. Flights on other carriers are marked quite clearly on the Qantas web site making choosing these services quite easy.

For those wedded to their British Airways Executive Club account this provides an interesting way to try another carrier and still earn Avios and Tier Points. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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