My first experience of a biscuit was on American Airlines many years ago and I think they’re brilliant. Even my friends in the US know this, taking me to Denver Biscuit Co on my first morning visiting them.

Breakfast time in First Class on American Airlines means there be biscuits which makes me happy. Before flying, my originally scheduled 07:00 flight was cancelled, so I changed quick smart on the American Airlines app and snagged the last seat on the flight below.

AA1785 – Denver to Charlotte (DEN-CLT)
31 May 2018
Airbus A321 – N173US
Seat: First Class 1F
Departure: 08:07 Arrival: 13:24

Since I was flying to Charlotte, I would be flying on one of the ex-US Airways Airbus A321 aircraft. This means no place to recharge your device and less legroom in the bulkhead seat than on the Boeing 737.

First Class board first so I settled in quite quickly. The friendly cabin crew member came around and offered pre-departure drinks and I selected the sparkling wine. After tasting its hideousness I vowed to switch to Mimosa’s for the rest of the flight.

It’s Time To Go

Just in case we had a long taxi to the runway or some kind of delay, I decided to hit the bathroom before take-off. While clean, the basin has certainly been through the wars.

After heading back to my seat, we soon finished boarding. The flight attendants delivered the safety demonstration and soon enough we were climbing out of Denver.

Morning flights on clear days in summer in the USA can provide some spectacular views and today was no exception. This is why a window seat is a must!

How About Those Hot Towels and Drinks?

Hot towels are handed out once the crew are up and about. Mine was fairly dry, so it wasn’t overly useful. Drinks orders were taken and I asked for a Mimosa and a sparkling water with ice.

Please note the two Mimosas in the picture. One has a little in it – that is mine. The other belongs to the person sitting next to me. For some reason, the flight attendant constantly gave me one third to one half as much as the person beside me. Very strange indeed!

Brilliant Breakfast Biscuits!

My favourite part of any flight is eating the meal and this one I was excited about. Biscuits with scrambled egg and chorizo, vanilla yoghurt and fruit. The crew offer you bread from the basket and naturally I took another biscuit! So, what did I think?

Well they were certainly very nice and I enjoyed the scrambled egg and chorizo on top with a little pepper. The extra biscuit I smothered in jam and inhaled that. Really good! Both the fruit and the yoghurt were great too, so happy days. There is one disappointment – when I asked for another biscuit they had run out. Looks like everyone else is a fan too.

The Low Pour Conundrum

Once breakfast was cleared away, it was time to relax for the rest of the flight. Another Mimosa came, this time with barely a splash of anything in the glass, plus my water was topped up which was appreciated.

Wi-Fi was available on this flight but I decided not to pay for it since I had no way to recharge my device. Therefore it was a chilled experience enjoying the view and resting. Eventually we landed in Charlotte safe and sound.

Overall Thoughts

Biscuits are brilliant and I am pleased they don’t screw them up on American Airlines. Interestingly, that very first biscuit I encountered flying AA looked quite different to the current ones, which is curious.

First class on American Airlines is generally quite good at breakfast time. I wish they would replace the dreadful sparkling wine with something drinkable and update the woeful domestic cabins on the old US Airways aircraft, but otherwise it was pretty good.

What do you think of biscuits in First Class on American? Brilliant or not? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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