A feature of table settings at all decent restaurants worldwide is the bread plate. It sits innocuously beside you with a butter knife on top, patiently waiting for that moment when you have chosen from the basket. It then swings into action as a place for the bread to rest, catches the crumbs as you cut and butter and generally handles all kinds of crusty shenanigans.

The Curious Case Of The Missing Bread Plate

British Airways appear to have something against the friendly bread plate in their Business Class cabins. The featured image at the top of this article shows a Club Europe Continental Breakfast from January 2016. The plate is calmly posing for its picture doing its job holding what was offered. It looks great! However, all is not well at 35,000 feet.

Bread is routinely joining the main dish, sitting on the tray, in the mug and occasionally cheese gets a plate instead. Someone must have turned their back on the plate storage area at British Airways. Where could they be?

Investigation Reveals They Are Not In Club World

Any well heeled international business class passenger would expect a bread plate on their tray, especially when flying on an airline that routinely offers warm treats from the basket.

It is time to dismiss the person who let the plates get away! There are none to be found at British Airways in business class, even in Club World. They should have been locked up securely so our bread would have its own place to sit on the meal tray. The shame of it all!

Overall Thoughts

When flying a return trip in Club World recently, I became really annoyed when having my meal. After some thought, it dawned on me that the lack of a bread plate was the reason. I am sick to death having to find a spot for the bread.

British Airways, your task is thus – provide passengers in Club Europe and Club World with a bread plate. You used to do this and I assume it was removed to cut costs in some way. Bring it back. It is not a premium experience without it.

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