Braniff International was an airline founded at the end of the 1920s by brothers Paul and Tom Braniff. Originally flying from Oklahoma to Tulsa, it eventually based itself in Dallas and flew all over the United States.

Remarkably, the airline became the only American carrier to fly the supersonic Concorde, using them for flights from Washington DC to Dallas Fort Worth during 1979 and 1980. Noted for having one of the most beautiful aircraft liveries in the world, the airline eventually ceased operations on 12 May 1982.

Braniff International Video

Following on from the last video about American Trans Air or ATA Airlines, this time around we have a look at what happened to Braniff. This is a short video, running for just under seven minutes.

This focusses mainly on how the airline ended up going bankrupt. Deregulation of the US airline industry in 1978 saw Braniff International expand rapidly to gain market share, even going international.

Competition from other airlines with bases at DFW, coupled with the 1979 oil crisis and subsequent recession from 1980 put huge pressure on the operation. Finances were in tatters and despite trying, they were unable to get ahead.

The video really gives a very high level overview of what went wrong, but a longer history is available on Wikipedia. Their marketing and branding is legendary in the aviation industry.

Overall Thoughts

It is a shame to see such a storied airline such as Braniff International have to close, but that’s business. The leaders of this airline made the wrong decisions at the wrong time and paid for it.

There are some glorious photographs here and that page has links at the bottom that may be interesting. It was certainly a colourful airline at various stages, that’s for sure! Big fans of the airline can also buy branded merchandise in the Braniff Boutique, it seems.

Did you ever fly with Braniff International? What were they like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via the Braniff Airways Foundation.