The Boeing 777-300ER is the largest version of this aircraft currently in service. It is used on long haul routes at British Airways such as the services to Singapore and Sydney and World Traveller – Economy Class – is the latest version.

Thunderstorms meant my American Airlines flight was almost two hours late into Boston, meaning I missed my original flight. The gate staff advised to go to Terminal E as fast as possible and see if I could get on this service.

Two other passengers and I got the bus to the new terminal, ran through security and arrived at the boarding gate. My connecting flight at the other end was changed also and of course my luggage didn’t make it.

BA214 – Boston to London Heathrow (BOS-LHR)
31 May 2018
Boeing 777-300ER – G-STBG
Seat: World Traveller 38D
Departure: 22:50 Arrival: 10:20+1

Sympathy from the gate agent meant I was assigned a block of three seats to myself. Since this was flight four of five in a row, I really appreciated this.

Boeing 777 World Traveller Seats

Seats are arranged in three groups of three and I was assigned an aisle seat in the middle group. Small flat pillows are on each seat along with a blanket. Some dried vomit or food from a previous flight featured on the carpet in the aisle which was a little unpleasant.

Entertainment screens are touch screen though they do also have a controller. A USB charging port is provided for every passenger which is a great addition and is becoming more prevalent on aircraft around the world thanks to our addiction to devices.

Pillows are laid on each seat and they are small, flat and not a lot of use. These have been the same for more than ten years and are a staple in World Traveller.

Computer boxes for the inflight entertainment eat up a little leg room, but not much. My dream of putting the three armrests up and stretching out were dashed when an Indian girl from the row behind me decided to move forward to the other aisle seat. Drats!

Midnight Meals

Once in the air, the cabin crew come through with a drinks service. I ordered a Bloody Mary and a sparkling water and it duly arrived with pretzels and one mini Smirnoff.

When boarding I had spoken briefly to a crew member to tell her about my delays and what not. She was at the other end of the trolley and secretly gave me a second Smirnoff mini without her colleague seeing. BA often give you two, so it was nice to see she cottoned on to the fact I only received one.

After the drinks service is complete, the crew come back and offer you dinner. The choice this evening was a chicken curry or a pasta dish so I went with the curry. This comes with a side salad, separate vinaigrette, dessert, a bread roll, cheese and crackers.

While the curry looks a little bleak in the pictures it turned out to be quite tasty. The vinaigrette added the required pep to the salad and as a lover of sweet things, the millionaires shortbread went down a treat.

Stress eating is a thing and I was still in the mood for more taste, so I asked for and received the pasta option once done with the curry. It looks very tired as it had been sitting for a while and it didn’t taste all that good either. Sometimes it’s best not to ask for more!

Breakfast Time

Boston to London is not a long flight by any means, clocking in at around 7 hours. After relaxing with a movie and trying to nap, the lights came back up and breakfast was served.

Breakfast was godawful. First, the pretzel was cold and bread goes really dense when it’s been chilled. Secondly, the pretzel was sickly sweet which I really didn’t like. Finally, it’s just a bit meagre and cheap all round. I actually didn’t finish it. After this we landed into London.

Overall Thoughts

World Traveller on the Boeing 777 is pretty decent. Passengers enjoy a large entertainment screen filled with new releases and classic choices from yesteryear. Being able to charge a phone throughout the flight makes me happy too, so the USB sockets are appreciated.

Dinner is substantial enough and the Indian curry was tasty, as was the rest of the meal. I feel the plastic cutlery lets the side down though as it looks flimsy and cheap for a full service international carrier.

The less said about the pretzel, the better. British Airways would do well to heat bread for economy class passengers instead of doling out plastic wrapped refrigerated sickly sweet crap like that for breakfast.

What do you think of World Traveller on British Airways? Have you flown it before? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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