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I visited the JW Marriott Desert Springs a few days ago during my stay at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas 1, which I reviewed yesterday. As villa guests, we got complimentary access to the JW Marriott’s facilities (Only Monday-Friday).

It was a short walk to the JW Marriott from our villa and the lobby was quite nice! The lobby has a huge atrium, with a bar in the center and at the ground level is a boat dock! They give boat ride tours of the hotel everyday!

The Boat Ride:

They offer boat rides around the property, Sunday through Thursday from 4-8pm and Friday + Saturday from 4-9pm every 15 minutes. We toured the property and learned many fun facts, like how the hotel is a bird sanctuary, and that many celebrities rented out the houses in the Desert Springs complex.


There are 3 main pools in the center of the resort. The middle one is the salt water pool, and also the largest. The other one is a lap pool with cabanas, and there was a sign that in the morning the pool is reserved for cabana guests only. And the last one is a bit smaller than the salt water pool, with more shallow water.

There are plenty of jacuzzis surrounding the pools, and I really liked how clean the pools were! My friends and I had a very fun and relaxing time at the pools.

Other Amenities:

I didn’t have time to visit the fitness center, but I did walk past the tennis courts. There are a lot of courts, and it’s located right in between the Marriott Desert Spring Villas 1 and the JW Marriott.

The Verdict:

Overall, the JW Marriott Desert Springs has nice pools and a really fun boat ride! I really liked having access to the JW’s facilities while staying at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas 1. Plus, there’s no resort fee when staying at the villas, versus having to pay a $35 resort fee if you stay at the JW Marriott.

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