Points Miles and Bling

Anshul was a hyper mobile professional, with travels across 5 continents to recruit international students for Canada. Now he travels mostly on points and loves to share his personal travel gaffes and triumphs on Points Miles and Bling!

Discount codes and bonus miles on car rentals – Hertz, Avis and Bugdet

In this hobby where everyone is keen to unearth the hidden fare, discounts and promotions,  its easy to lose sight of the low hanging fruit. Many loyalty programs promote car rental discount codes and bonuses from partners, which allow members to save money and earn points at the same time. Discount codes and bonus miles for car rentals Here are some currently on offer: Loyalty Program (airline) Rental Company Offer (click for details) Discount Codes Valid Until Aeroplan (Air Canada) Hertz 35% off + 3000 miles on rental of 3 days or more CDP 221417, PC 107940 31-Aug-16 Hertz 35%...

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Get your Credit Score for free

I stumbled upon a sponsored video on my Facebook feed about a free credit report from Equifax’s new partner, Borrowell. A quick search about this deal indicated that the company could be trusted and the deal with Equifax is legit. Under this partnership, Borrowell is offering Canadians a chance to get their credit score through Equifax for free! This service costs $24 CAD  if done directly through Equifax. Getting your Credit Score This check through Borrowell is considered a ‘soft pull’ and will not hurt your score. You can create your account and proceed using this link . Note that this service provides only...

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How I saved Air Miles from the upcoming expiration

The Air Miles reward program was launched in 1992 and has been a mainstay of the loyalty market since. It has established itself as a strong competitor to Aeroplan and is Canada’s largest coalition loyalty program. Although Air Miles has devalued significantly in the recent past (who hasn’t?), it remains the primary loyalty program for many Canadians. Back in 2011, Air Miles introduced a five-year expiry date on reward miles, which means starting January 1st, 2017 unused miles are set to expire. This has many Canadians, who were saving up over years for an aspirational trip, scrambling to redeem...

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Looking to rent a car? Try Uber instead

I love planning trips. Local transportation is one aspect of a trip I always budget and plan for. Uber or car rental? This decision can be simple if visiting a rural town or a remote location that does not offer other transportation options. However, when visiting a city with several options, this decision requires some number crunching and research. While I love to walk a city, I also like day trips to nearby sights. Depending on the city I am traveling to, I do a comparative analysis between a car rental and ride sharing service like Uber. Car rentals can provide...

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Allegiant Air announces new route for Canadians

Inflated  pricing, high airport taxes, lack of competition and monopolistic pricing models have long stigmatized the Canadian aviation industry. However, competition from southern neighbours and willingness of Canadians to cross the border for better deals has improved the pricing in Canada, but not enough in my opinion. When the largest budget airlines in US, Allegiant Air, announced a new route from Ogdensburg, New York to Florida, it came as welcome news to the snow birds that live close to the US border near Ogdensburg. Allegiant Air announced new routes from Ogdensburg to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, starting Oct 5th...

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A workaround for Uber airport pickup

Uber currently operates in 479 cities around the world and 208 of these are in North America. While Uber offers airport drop offs in majority of these cities, Uber airport pickup option is available only in ~85 of 208 North American cities. Airports restrict ride-sharing services like Uber from operating within its jurisdiction since they do not have a service contract and don’t pay the airport charges, as taxis do. Airport charges vary from city to city and can be a hefty fee that is passed down to the customer. Some airports allow UberBLACK and UberSUV service to pickup, however these are more expensive...

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3rd Night Free and Stacking with Starwood promo

ITC hotels, Starwood partners in India are running a great 3rd Night Free promotion for stays until the end of September, 2016. ITC hotels are a chain of over 100  luxury properties in India that specialize in authentic and opulent regional hospitality. If you are a Starwood fan, it’s hard to go wrong with ITC hotels.     3rd Night Free Promotion and Stack ITC Promotion can be stacked with SPG Triple Up to accelerate Starpoints earning. Although the 3rd Night Free offer runs till September 30th, in order to stack with SPG promotion the booking has to be before 31st July. Note...

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A cash grab called Destination Marketing Fee

Meet Destination Marketing Fee or DMF, an equally ugly cousin of the “Resort Fee”. DMF is an item on hotel and restaurant bills that most tourists ignore, assuming it is part of taxes. Many cities in Canada and USA levy this fee on the customer without much explanation. What is a DMF DMF is a fee levied by hotels who contribute to a collective fund  used for promotion, marketing and “other tourism development initiatives”. Hotels in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara, Washington, New York City, Chicago, to name a few, can charge you up to 3% on room...

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Airline bumping and my travel gaffes

That one time was pure luck; won’t happen again. Then it does. You fumble, stumble and faceplant. This is true for so many things in life but today I want to talk about Voluntary Bumping. What is Bumping? Simply put – Airlines overbook a flight to compensate for the no shows and last minute cancellations, but everyone shows up at the gate. The airline has two options, see if there are volunteers who could take the next flight OR involuntarily bump a few passengers. In both cases, the airline is supposed to compensate the passenger being “Bumped”. Compensation US...

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College Residences as Summer Hotels

University or College residences present a tremendous cash saving proposition for those that are looking at non-hotel “Hotel” options. Peak summer travel can be expensive and accommodation bills tend to burn holes in travel budgets. Hotel rates see a significant jump during city events like music festivals, conferences, major sports events. You are looking at x2 standard rates for those times during summer. This is where campus residences shine through. Over the past decade, universities and college residences have spent millions upgrading and renovating on campus accommodations to ensure comfort for their students. Grubby dorms and shared bathrooms are things...

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