Gautam loves planes and travel. He's had many funny incidents (in hindsight) while on the go. His focus is on Asia & Family travel. You will find humour, history, anecdotes & Top Tips in his blogs.

Arrival Lounges – how they help & the best access

When arriving after a long flight, early morning in a place away from home & the hotel lets you check in only at 2pm, what do you do? Many options with the new trend of Arrival lounges. Check what your premium status gives you, else sign up for new services like Plaza Premium, else go to your hotel and change in the gym. One more choice – what you can do on the plane, but you need to read my post to learn that!

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The new world of airline upgrades

Being well dressed, charming and a premium passenger will get you some upgrades, but there are new ways of getting one. Check if the airline offers airport upgrades (cash is always cheaper than a normal business fare, some also allow using miles). Airlines directly, and also through external websites allow you to bid for upgrades, again at much less than the actual difference in fare.

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Bombay Airport and Air India

I was on a biz trip to Bombay from Singapore and also visited my family in Delhi on the way back. I experienced Air India economy & biz, Singapore, Bombay & Delhi airports, and transits to and from home to these airports. My Top Tips give you an idea & the blog tells you more about the journey. Enjoy!

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Short Report: Delhi Airport And Air India

Few days ago, I flew back with the family from Delhi to Singapore on an Air India Dreamliner. As usual I forgot something before we started (the printouts of tickets we need before entering terminals in India). Used the valet for the first time after check in. On board did my good deed of helping honeymooners sit together by giving up my aisles seat for one in the middle. Hope God was watching!

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