Gautam loves planes and travel. He's had many funny incidents (in hindsight) while on the go. His focus is on Asia & Family travel. You will find humour, history, anecdotes & Top Tips in his blogs.

Digital Travel Buddies of my kids

My kids never leave home without their digital buddies “Dan TDM” and “Superwoman”.  That means a lot of preparation before flying. Read on to meet their friends and what we need to ensure a peaceful flight! Who are these travel buddies? The first is Superwoman. When you google her, you won’t get the DC Comics one, but the new youtube phenomenon my daughter loves. She is a 27 year old Sikh-Canadian lady names Lilly Singh, going by the screen name of “Superwoman”. Her spoofs on the life of Indians in the west and young people in the new world of...

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Great Weekend in Sentosa, Singapore

Recently, we spent an incredible weekend in Sentosa. It was fun for kids and grown-ups. As well us Singaporeans and tourists. It is this little fairy island, just off the larger coast of Singapore. Since I am from India, It was interesting to learn that the root of the name is “Santusht” or being content, from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. A previous name “Belakang Mati” which in Malay means “Death from Behind” seems strangely apt. The British built huge guns facing south towards the sea to protect Singapore’s harbour. But the Japanese came from behind, across the Straits...

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9/11 – What were you doing when you first heard?

When I first heard about 9/11 I was making a presentation to a client, when someone barged into the conference room to switch on the TV. Watching the 2nd plane hit the Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon and hearing live reports of the 4th plane UA 93 flying over Pennsylvania.

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