Some bits – flights between Ireland and China appear more likely than ever before. Aer Lingus’ forthcoming Aer Club has released its earning and benefits table ahead of the programme launch. Finally, Dublin Airport will be building a second runway.

Ireland to China Direct

Flight Global are reporting that Ireland and China are wanting direct flights between the two countries. The article mentions that up to 100,000 people travel indirectly between the two countries each year. This comes out at 273 passengers per day which looks – on paper – as though it would be sustainable.

If such a flight went ahead it would be the first scheduled flight between Ireland and Asia, between 10 and 12 hours in length. According to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the introduction of the British-Irish Visa Scheme has increased tourist numbers from China substantially. Trade between the two countries has also increased so taken together it appears there is more chance of this occurring than previously.

Aer Lingus Aer Club Earning Table

Aer Lingus is launching a new frequent flyer programme called Aer Club and I’ve written before that it is delayed. The programme will use Avios as its currency which is the same as fellow IAG airlines such as British Airways and Iberia. At Aer Lingus earning will be spend based as you can see below.

Image via mb48 on FlyerTalk

Image via mb48 on FlyerTalk

Three Avios for every Euro is an interesting amount. This means a flight from Dublin to Boston and return in Business Class pricing at €1,894 will net 5,682 Avios. For comparison, flying London Heathrow to Boston return on British Airways on the lowest Business Class fare will net you 9,802 Avios. British Airways Club World is regularly cheaper than Aer Lingus Business Class so sticking with them makes sense.

Aer Club is one to watch as redeeming Avios may be exceptionally cheap due to the earning rates. You can usually combine your Avios and move them from one airline to another without penalty so this could be a boon for those sitting on a pile of British Airways Avios.

New Dublin Runway

Dublin Airport is now serving over 25 million passengers per annum which was the trigger amount for a second runway. The land was purchased and reserved years ago and planning permission was obtained back in the late 2000s. In contrast to London’s dithering over adding runway capacity at its airports, Dublin has done a stellar job. Flight Global report today that the new runway will cost €300 million and be ready between 2017 and 2020. It will be longer than the current runway at 10,200 feet or 3,100 metres which should open up destinations in the Far East. It is one to watch!

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