Berlin Tegel Airport is that small??

Yes! Berlin Tegel Airport has to be the smallest International Airport I’ve ever been to! I didn’t know much about the airport before I went, but I did see some bad reviews for Tegel.

So, from check-in to the actual gate, it was probably only like 30 feet. My gate area has its own security for the two gates, and a sandwich cart. They fit a small duty free store as well, which shocked me considering there was only two gates. The bathrooms are small portables but I was happy that they were actually clean.

To help with the lack of space, there is upper level seating. From here, I could see the check-in area, security and my gate! Additionally, I could see baggage claim and customs from the gate adjacent!

Before boarding the plane, the gate area got really crowded. I mean, our plane was a 767 so there was going to be 150+ passengers in the area.

The Verdict:

I can’t wait for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport to open because Tegel is just too small. But, I do appreciate how close Tegel is to the Berlin city center. It was funny, the queue rope lines at the airport all said “Berlin Brandenburg” lol. Brandenburg was supposed to open in 2010, but due to many issues the future is uncertain but estimates state it should open around 2019.


Have you flown to Berlin Tegel? How was your experience?

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