Cathay Pacific have enhanced their business class experience with new bedding. This is designed to provide a more comfortable sleep on long haul flights.

The new items are a seat topper, a plush duvet, a larger firmer pillow and on longer sectors, complimentary slippers. I had the pleasure of trying these out on recent flights, so let’s have a look at them.

A Bedding Pack and Slippers

When you arrive on board, the bedding pack is situated in the foot well of the seat. It is a reusable grey fabric bag, which makes a nice change from the plastic packed items on other carriers.

On longer sectors, slippers are also provided. For example, I received a pair on London to Hong Kong, but none on Hong Kong to Sydney. Slippers are located in the side storage area of the seat.

These are grey, made of fabric and are fairly comfortable. They are handy for wandering around the plane during the night, especially on a toilet run!

Mattress Topper and Duvet

When it comes time to sleep, it’s extremely easy to put the mattress topper on the seat. You hook one end over the top of the seat and put it into the flat position and unfold it over the rest of the area. No input from the cabin crew is required.

There are cut outs at the place where your seat belt goes. As you can see below, the length of the mattress topper covers the entire length of the seat.

When it comes to the duvet, it is thick without being too thick and again covers the entire length of the seat. It is soft and comfortable and perfect for sleeping under.

Since everything is quite simple to set up, there is no excuse not to use it. At the end of a flight, it is simple enough to bundle up and stow in the overhead locker.

Overall Thoughts

Cathay Pacific’s new bedding is quite decent. The mattress topper is not particularly thick, however it is certainly more comfortable than laying directly on the seat itself.

Cabin temperature is the other important element here. I was wearing light pyjamas from another airline, and on one flight the temperature was quite warm. That meant keeping most of my body out of the duvet. On the other flight it was cooler, so I could cuddle up nicely.

Either way, sleep quality was great and the roomy seat left plenty of space to sleep properly. Have you tried the new Cathay Pacific bedding? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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