Bangkok Airways flies many routes from Bangkok International airport. I flew on the Bangkok Airways flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui on the ATR 72-600 Turboprop plane.

a plane on a runway

ATR 72-600 turboprop plane

We had landed at Bangkok Airport after a long flight from the USA, had a very pleasant experience with the Coral Executive lounge in the domestic terminal and were ready for the flight to Koh Samui.

a glass door to a building

Coral Executive Lounge in the domestic terminal

Flight boarding:

There is a downstairs area of 3 or 4 gates that are used for passengers that have to be taken out to their planes by bus. Group one (rows 1-10) was called and went through, boarded the bus and were taken to the plane. Then Group 2 (rows 11-20) was called and the same happened with us. 

I always enjoy being taken out to a plane by bus. It means we pass close by some really big planes that I would not normally see from up close.

an airplane on the runway

ATR 72-600

The Bangkok Airways planes look older as there are a lot of oil stains on the wings, looks like they haven’t been washed in a while.

We flew on Bangkok Airways HS-PZE. Just looking at the flight plans for the past week this plane has flown between Bangkok and Koh Samui, Phuket, Rayong, Sukhothai, Luang Prabang, Siem Reap and Lampang at up to 8 flights a day.

We had to check one piece of our hand luggage as this plane has quite narrow luggage racks on board and the thicker suitcases will not fit. We boarded through the entrance at the back of the plane and took our seat in row 18. This plane has 2+2 seating so I had the window and my wife had the aisle. 


a person wearing a mask on a plane

Inside the ATR 72-600

I love flying but for some reason I have always been a bit tentative about flying commercially in a propellor plane. In the past I flew between 3 different islands in the Caribbean by smaller propellor plane with no problems so I have no real grounds for my tentativeness. The engines sounded wonderful as they started up, there is such a reassuring growl sound to the propellors as they get up to speed. 

We flew quite low, around 20,000 feet but because the whole flight is over the sea there was nothing to look at but the wide, gloriously blue Bay of Thailand.

On board Service:

Bangkok Airways advertises themselves as Asia’s Boutique Airline and that is why they have the service provided.

a close up of a fabric surface

Asia’s Boutique Airline

The flight is less than and hour and a half but you are still served a breakfast meal and drinks service. 

food on a tray on a plane

Breakfast meal

a close up of food

Cut fruit – papaya, dragon fruit and pineapple

a plate of food with an omelette and potatoes

Omelette and potatoes

The meal was really tasty. It was an omelette with potatoes and sauce, some cut fruit (papaya, dragon fruit and pineapple) and a packet of dried banana crisps which I loved. The spice used on the banana chips is intriguing. There is a really tasty tamarind orange drink that comes with breakfast which I also loved. You are supplied with a small bottle of water with your meal and then there is tea and coffee available too. 

two cups of liquid and a bottle of water

Water, orange juice and tea

 It was a very pleasant unexpected meal on a shortish flight. 


ATR 72-600 safety card:

a sign with information on it

Safety card symbols

Being out over the water meant the safety card was quite important. It is fun looking at a card in a language with a different alphabet to your own. The card had English, Thai and Chinese words. This plane has no rafts on exiting so your life jacket will be extra important. 

a informational sign with instructions and instructions on it

Safety card front page

a sign with instructions on it

Land evacuation instructions

instructions on a plane

Water evacuation instructions

The safety card looked really well used but all the information was very clear. 

a blue poster with a suitcase and a toy airplane

In-Flight Variety booklet

There is also an In-Flight Variety booklet with in flight shopping available. Some useful holiday items like sunglasses and hats were available. A nice touch for flights out to the islands and holiday resorts. 

a group of people boarding an airplane

Exiting the ATR 72-600

Landing at Koh Samui:

It was an uneventful trip. We landed and then taxied to a parking area on the tarmac. We exited from the rear again and got on small open air carts for transportation to the luggage area. It was a fun way to arrive in the sun at Koh Samui airport.

a sign in front of a road

Koh Samui airport sign

There is only 1 baggage carousel that I saw and the bags were out within 10 minutes. 

a circular structure with a skylight

Baggage area

As you walk out of the baggage hall there is a road where some buses for different hotels are waiting. It is not initially apparent but there is another pickup area ‘upstairs’ off to the left and up an escalator. That was where we were meeting our ride. 

Our Bangkok Airways flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui on the ATR 72-600 turboprop plane was great. It made a pleasant start to our island vacation. 

Bangkok Airways advertise themselves as Asia’s Boutique Airline and they provide a very enjoyable experience.