In the past, airlines would send out a plastic credit card size frequent flyer card to all members. While many airlines have ditched this for new joiners, usually those who earn status still receive a physical card. British Airways are doing something different with their Executive Club cards.

Since everything is now on a smart phone, the argument is that physical cards are not needed at all. After all, your status is usually in the computer and it is reflected on your boarding pass. It’s more environmentally friendly and better all round. That being said, some people like a physical card and in some cases, you are asked to produce it. So what to do?

Executive Club Cards On Request

When you move up in status at British Airways, the welcome e-mail now has a short note in it. This tells you that if you want a physical card, you’ll need to order it.

I am quite curious to know how many people order the cards versus how many choose not to. It is certainly more environmentally friendly, as the old pack automatically sent out would give you a card, plus two luggage tags. Personally, I never used the tags, so they were a waste.

Of Course I Ordered A Card

Literally my first port of call on achieving my new status was to order a card. I like having the card, just in case I am in some far flung place with no IT infrastructure and it’s needed as proof. Happily, it still comes in the branded envelope.

Inside it contains the card itself along with a letter. I don’t really think the card needs to be on the big black piece of card, but I imagine that’s for automatic processing machinery.

The enclosed letter refers to a replacement card. That is because when you Executive Club cards and other items, they are listed as replacement, as in the past you would have already received them automatically.

That might need to be corrected considering the new regime of no cards unless they’re asked for. To be perfectly honest, the short letter is superfluous too. Just thinking of ways to cut it down even more!

Overall Thoughts

It’s good to see that Executive Club cards are not sent out automatically anymore. I imagine British Airways are saving a chunk of change by doing it this way and it could be better for the environment as well.

Having the option to get a card really does mean it is the best of both worlds. Everybody is happy and gets to make the choice as to what suits them best. I’m all for it!

What do you think of British Airways not sending Executive Club cards automatically? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via British Airways.