I couldn’t resist sharing the fabulous downtown Austin restaurant that my husband raved about while in the city with his Alt.Latino and NPR Music crew attending yet another music festival. (And you all thought that I lived the life…!) So below, please find week two’s “foodie Friday” piece. (Here’s the link to week one.) This one is appearing on Sunday instead of Friday because he ate there Friday and I had to track down restaurant details, so please forgive me. Next week’s “foodie Friday” is already in the works. It will be about hotels that are “brewing” special drinks at their bar. – Barb

So, back to Austin…Turns out that my husband – surrounded by serious foodies – went to Sway, which was named one of the 50 Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appétit Magazine. It’s located along a strip of Austin’s trendy South First Street. It’s a modern Thai restaurant owned by Jesse Herman and Delfo Trombetta.

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Executive chef Alexis Chong serves sophisticated, Thai-inspired noodles, grilled meats and curries. My husband and his group sampled so many of the dishes that he said it was hard to pick a favorite.

Among Sway’s favorite dishes, however, are the Prawn Milange (betel leaf, toasted coconut, toasted cashews, lime, chile and grapefruit) and Pad Kwetio (wide rice noodle, pork belly, chinese broccoli, tofu, black wok water).

Next time you’re in Austin, whether for SXSW or to visit your kid at the university, check it out!

Readers: What’s your favorite Thai restaurant?