There is such a huge difference in Passport renewal fees around the world. It’s something that wouldn’t normally spring to mind for most people, but as a dual citizen, I notice the disparity in price.

Australian Passports are particularly expensive compared to others for what is essentially the same document. How much is the difference? Well, let’s have a look and compare.

Passport Renewal Fees

In Ireland, a Passport renewal costs €75 (A$119, US$92, £68) for a standard 10 year document. It is slightly more if you submit via the Post Office or in person, but that is the online price.

By comparison, the same 10 year renewal of an Australian Passport is A$301 (€191, US$232, £172). Submitting an application overseas (as I will be doing) attracts a surcharge of A$135, bringing the total to A$436 (€276, US$337, £249).

For the United States, a new Passport is US$145 (AU$188, €120, £108) and a renewal is US$110 (AU$143, €91, £82). Heading over to the United Kingdom, it is £75.50 (A$132, US$102, €84).

This makes the Australian Passport over two and a half times more expensive than the Irish Passport. It’s almost the same amount more than a British Passport and is 60% more than a US Passport.

Why Is Australia’s Passport So Expensive?

The Henley Passport Index shows that Ireland’s Passport allows entry to 186 countries without a Visa, the UK and USA allow one less at 185 and the Australian Passport allows 184. Therefore, it is not like the Australia’s passport is ahead in this area.

Perhaps it’s average wages? In Ireland, the average wage is €49,000 (AU$77,412), while in Australia the average wage is A$89,122 (€56,410). It is not that great a difference between the two. For what it’s worth, the USA has a slightly lower average wage than Ireland, and the UK slightly lower again. No correlation really.

Overall Thoughts

I imagine an Australian Passport renewal is so expensive simply because the Australian Government can charge that much. When they have a revenue spinner such as that, why not milk as much cash as possible out of a population that likes to travel?

Before becoming a dual citizen, I would not have blinked twice at the cost, as I would have had no reason to compare it. However, since I now pay for both, the glaring difference really stands out. I don’t like it, but it’s not like I have any choice in the matter.

What do you think of these Passport renewal fees? Know any others that are more expensive or perhaps even cheaper? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash.
Passport stamps by convertkit on Unsplash.