When I went through hotel quarantine in Australia in December, I really lucked out. Not only was I staying in a five star hotel, but my room also had a balcony, which made a world of difference.

Hotel quarantine is a reality in many countries, thanks to the pandemic. In Australia, you need to complete 14 days of quarantine, not including the day you arrive or depart. That means the food you’re given by the establishment where you’re staying is quite important.

My Meals – Day Six, Seven and Eight

A variety of dietary considerations are taken into account, which made for many lines on the menus. In my case, I took the standard offering each day.

They do try to cover all the food groups, with fruit, salads, and various drinks. Since I eat virtually anything, I usually devoured the lot.

Day Nine (Christmas Day!), Ten and Eleven

Spending Christmas in a quarantine hotel wasn’t originally the plan. In the couple of weeks before I was due to fly to Adelaide, they had some local Covid outbreaks in the area. The state government, in their stupid wisdom, cancelled all inbound international flights. That meant my flight was pushed back a couple of times and Christmas in quarantine it ended up being.

Turns out I forgot to take a picture of dinner on Christmas day, which was Tasmanian salmon. I remember being so pleased it was a light meal after the big lunch.

Day Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen

You will notice in some of the images there is a little bag with “pod” written on it. Pod stands for “protein on demand” and are roasted chickpeas in various flavours. I really hated them (but still ate them!) as they were incredibly dry for a snack. Why did I still eat them? Waste not want not. I can’t bear to throw away food when so many people around the world have none.

While I received a menu for the following day, and I believe breakfast was available, I was out of the hotel by 8am and off to the airport for my Qantas flight home to Sydney.

Overall Thoughts

You might be wondering where the meals are for days one through five. I published an article about them while still in quarantine, so you can find them here.

When it comes to hotel quarantine food around the world, it seems there is the good, the bad and the ugly. In this case, it was good all round, which I certainly appreciated. The Pullman Hotel in Adelaide certainly did their very best at all times, which I really appreciated.

Have you stayed in mandatory hotel quarantine on arrival in Australia or another country? What was it like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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