Scouring the morning headlines this a.m., and this gem caught my eye – “American Airlines and JetBlue Airways Discontinue Partnership.” According to the press release, the two airlines “plan to terminate their interline traffic agreement and reciprocal frequent flyer program accrual agreement, which includes select routes from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and New York’s John F. Kennedy International (JFK).”

Beginning today, “each airline will no longer accept new interline sales for travel on the other carrier. Effective April 1, customers will no longer earn miles or points when traveling on eligible routes operated by the other airline.”

As they say, things change. While I admittedly had not been in tune with the health of the partnership, I had not heard any rumors about it’s pending end. One could speculate that the new American sees itself in much better shape from a network perspective and no longer feels there is a need for such a partnership with JetBlue. The airline is definitely in a much better position network-wise on the east coast, and they recently picked up some additional slots at JFK. Interesting times in the airline business.

-MJ, March 10, 2014