As you wander down the halls of the Wynn in Las Vegas you will see an amazing display of art, pottery, vases, display cabinets, ancient artifacts and flowers. There are so many different displays all around the Convention Center as well as in the Casino and other areas that they require this post, a post on Art appreciation at the Wynn.

We will start with a few random areas:

The art work design on the elevator doors is complimented by the 2 pictures on either side.

a hallway with a door and a chandelier

Elevator hallway

The entrance to the fitness center and spa has an elegant curved ceiling. The detailed walls had dimension to the whole room, as does the busy wall hanging behind the reception desk. A really elegant entrance to the exercise area.

a room with a large round table and chairs

Fitness center and spa entrance

These mosaics on one of the walkways in the casino add dramatic interest.

a colorful mosaic floor with trees and people walking

Casino walkway

Hallways around the hotel:

This first display is a lounge area with a large video screen that reacts to your presence. It starts with the curtains closed and as you move past it opens to reveal different room scenes, very clever.

a room with a large screen

a room with a large screen

a room with a large picture on the wall


Interesting lights hang on each side of this display. They frame the simple bowl with a possible Egyptian hieroglyph in the center as well as interesting wood carvings. The lamp in the center is reflected in the mirror adding depth.

a table with a mirror and vases


The circles centered on this display are dramatic. The stone ring at the front, the circular bowl behind and the rings on the drape on the wall are all linked.

a table with lamps and a circular object on it

The lamps and the chairs are symmetrical to the display and the wall panels.

a room with a dresser and chairs


I believe this statue is of Hermes, who has wings on his ankles so he can fly between heaven and earth.

The cabinet is perfect with the face on the handles and the gold vases on each side compliment the gold wall hanging.

a statue on a table


Elegant drapery surrounds this display of 2 gold lamps and a beaded elephant. A rather dramatic colored carpet adds to the look.

a table with lamps and a rug in front of it


The plants in natural wood pots is a counterpoint to the lime green cabinet as well as to the nature scenes on the wood carving on the wall.

An interesting addition is the sharp blue of the carpet.

a green and gold dresser with two potted plants on top


An objet d’art for day to day use:

This is the house phone with marble table, marble surrounds and an elegant plaque.

a phone in a wall


More decorated hallways:

This table initially seemed a bit crowded but the lamps and the mirror frame it nicely and the small vases are actually well placed.

a table with vases and lamps


These are twin sets in the hallway. Similar units, with a matching pair of old Japanese paintings, a gold vase on the right and similar framing of the other items.

a vases and vases on a table a table with vases and vases on it


The dramatic visuals of the painting are matched by the colors and fun display of the vases on the table.

a table with vases and lamps on it


Some old wood carvings and pottery in a simple layout on the dramatic table with elegant wooden legs and then the exuberant wall hanging.

a table with vases and a plant on it


Once again a lovely counterpoint of colors on the painting and complimentary vases. The large vases are perfect next to the unique wooden design on the unit.

a vases on a table



One of the more plain settings to highlight a magnificent Indian statue in sandstone. The gold light fitting above highlights the statue.

a statue on a shelf with lamps and a mirror above it



My favorite part of the whole area is this marble walled drinking fountain. It is so dramatic.

a wall with a water fountain


Hallway leading to my room:

There is a whole series of these bubble photographs in the hallway on my floor, I thought this one was the best of them.

a picture of bubbles floating in the air

A total contrast in the appreciation of an art form:

Modern machinery is an art form in itself. These are 2 McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 cars on display at the Wynn. On the left is the 2010 car driven by Jenson Button to 5th place in the Championship and on the right is the car Lewis Hamilton drove to win the Championship by a single point in 2008.

a group of race cars on display

These cars are the pinnacle of motor racing, a form of artistic expression of a more modern kind.

a race car on display a race car on a tile floor


Other varied items of artistry:

This entrance to the Wing Lei restaurant enhances the Chinese look for the Michelin starred venue.

a door to a restaurant


These parasols are on display at Bar Parasol.

a ceiling with many lights a group of people sitting at tables with umbrellas


These final 2 areas are in the walkways around the casino. Such dramatic colors and gorgeous flowers.

a carousel with horses and flowers a colorful statue of a cat in a mall


The end of Art appreciation at the Wynn:

That is the end of the lesson for today. There are so many gorgeous, elegant, glamorous, exciting, ancient, modern pieces of art in the Wynn Hotel that I would suggest you take a self guided tour around the hotel and enjoy it all yourself.


What do you think ? Do you even have time to look at art when you are in Las Vegas ?