It is quite rare for me to get lost in an airport as usually it is very easy to find things. The location of the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge at Terminal 5 in Arlanda Airport is not obvious at all.

Two different airport staff gave me directions but for some reason my brain did not process what they were saying. “After Passport Control” in my head was being mixed up with after security which I had already done.

Finally Found It!

After shuttling back and forth knowing I was in the wrong place I finally clicked that I had to go through Passport Control and once there I found the lounge relatively easily.

For a moment I waited for the doors to open automatically before noticing the large “PULL” written on the handles. Laughing at myself I arrived at the desk where a friendly lady let me in.

Stockholm Arlanda Lounge Furnishings

The lounge is rectangular in shape and is not very large. Down the left hand wall is the food offering, in the middle and to the right are long tables with device charging points and on from there are dining tables.

Down the back of the lounge are more comfortable lounge chairs and also a small children’s area. Even when the lounge is busy it is not very full so there are always seats to be found.

What Do You Get To Eat?

Lasagne! That is the hot dish I found on offer on my visit. Note I said “the” hot dish as once it ran out – about 2 hours before flight departure and before many others arrived in the lounge – there was no more.

My guess is that perhaps it is a lunch offering and once it is later in the afternoon there is no hot food. Who knows! Luckily there are a number of cold dishes available.

Two of the passengers asked the attendant if the meat is Halal. Confused she said it’s Chicken before catching on and advising them that it is not Halal. The two guys found it amusing I think.

Also offered are snack type items such as nuts, crisps, various biscuits, and bread as well as a selection of tea and coffee. The bread is not replenished and the plastic bag in with it certainly isn’t appetising.

My flight from here was on Qatar Airways so I had a grand total of about 5 crisps. This I washed down with about eight or ten little glasses of water in an attempt at hydration after having only a small cup of tea in the previous 6 hours.

Speaking of Drinks…

There is red wine, white wine and Champagne on offer. I have no idea what any of it is like as for once I decided to save myself for the flight.

Also provided in the self-service fridge is beer along with an assortment of minerals. It is not a huge selection by any means but it ticks the boxes.

Water is provided from a large dispenser which is constantly kept refilled. There really is no need for bottled water when you have something like this though lovers of sparkling water may disagree.

Overall Thoughts

Some lounges around the world are destinations in their own right. The Stockholm Arlanda Lounge is not one of them. This is a standard premium passenger waiting area with no real frills or wow factor.

Despite this it does tick all the boxes – food, beer, wine, Champagne, fast Wireless Internet and numerous places to charge a device. Therefore it does the job it sets out to do.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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