The Arlanda Express is the fastest way to travel between Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and the centre of the city. Other airports offer similar services such as London Heathrow Airport’s Heathrow Express train.

It is a hassle free experience on modern train equipment that is comfortable and clean. Journey times are around about twenty minutes which is speedy enough.

Booking Tickets

Sweden is virtually cashless nowadays and the Arlanda Express is no exception. I booked my tickets online and they were relatively cheap at about 308 SEK.

The standard price is about 540 SEK however if you book 90 days in advance or more like I did, there is quite a substantial saving. You receive a confirmation e-mail that states your ticket is the card you used to make the booking.

On Board Arlanda Express

There are no ticket barriers for the train, you just get on and off with no impediment. The interior of the train is upholstered in a light beige which seems very clean and fresh.

Once you start moving, there is a screen which shows your speed and I noted it above 170km/h at some points. An attendant comes through, swipes your card – which is your ticket, remember – thanks you and moves on. It’s that simple.

Overall Thoughts

Quick, efficient and spacious describes this airport train. Services operate several times per hour meaning there is no real delay waiting for the train. The countryside it passes through on the way to the city is also quite worth the look.

Those travelling with a lot of luggage may wish to stay at the Comfort Hotel Stockholm Central which is right above where the train arrives. This will save you carting your stuff around.

Have you used the Arlanda Express before? What did you think? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.