I was in Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens and I thought ‘Let me pop in to the SkyServ Aristotle Onassis lounge with Priority Pass to wait for my flight”.



Being in Hall A it said the lounge is across from gate A9. If I was in hall B I would have been able to go to the Melina Mercouri lounge. I love when lounges are named after famous people of the area.

I wandered down to Gate A9 but no lounge. So I looked around and still  found nothing. I went back to start at the entrance and tried again but it was just not there.

So I walked back about 5 minutes to where there is a full list of lounges.


The strange circumstance with me and the Swissport lounge:

a screens on a wall

I thought I would have to go to the Goldair Handling lounge which is the listed Priority pass lounge but I noticed that there is a SkyServ lounge listed too.

So I went upstairs and found the SkyServ lounge on the 2nd level with 2 other lounges.. It is not listed on the Priority pass app but I thought I should give it a try.

a glass doors with a light reflecting off the glass

Then I find that the SkyServ lounge on the right of the picture was closed but a sign said I must go into the Swissport lounge right next door.

Even though the only lounge listed for Priority Pass was the Goldair lounge I was checked in and welcomed into the Swissport lounge.


The facilities:

Rather a glamorous purple and orange color was predominant throughout.

a group of people sitting at a table in a room with a large screen

Interesting purple and orange color scheme

It is a pleasant lounge with requisite coffee machine, salads, meals and snacks.

a coffee machine on a counter

Quite a few varied sitting areas, big purple sofa, rather a bright marble floor, large screen tv and orange chairs. This lounge is definitely not shy !

a room with a television and a man sitting at a table

a purple couch and a table

a group of people sitting in a room with tables and chairs

Lots of olives were available along with salad items, pasta dishes, and a few warm meals too.

a trays of food on a counter

Food on display

a buffet line with different types of food

Very nice plates with inspirational messages printed on.

a stack of plates on a table


Rest room facilities:

The dramatic marble decor continued into the rest room. Nice and clean with good faucets and hand soap.

a bathroom sink with soap dispensers a toilet in a bathroom

Dramatic, but distinctive and memorable.


The self help bar:

A small collection of alcohol was available too along with bottles of wine, beer  and all sorts of mixers.

a group of bottles of alcohol on a table a display case with food and drinks on it



After my totally unexpected access to the Swissport lounge I did enjoy it a lot. It had a lot of space between chairs which is always nice. There are too many lounges with chairs in rows all bunched together.

I will try and contact Priority Pass to get them to clear up the mystery concerning the SkyServ Aristotle Onassis lounge.

If you are ever at Athens airport, keep a look out for these lounges. You never know which one you will end up in.