I am looking forward to a time when an antigen test is not required before travel. Flying over to the United States requires one to be done professionally the day prior to flying.

There are several testing options in Ireland, and that’s what I will be outlining here. All of them do pretty much the same job, so it may just be down to finding the most convenient location for you.

Antigen Test At Dublin Airport

Randox Laboratories have a place at Dublin Airport where you can get tested before flying. They are open from 2am through to 11pm which means you’re covered no matter when you’re flying. You book online at their website and the price is €35 with results in 60 minutes.

Boots also offer a rapid antigen test at certain locations in Dublin. While their website did list places close to me, none had availability, so I had to book mine for the one in the Jervis Centre. These are also €35 and information is online here.

Others may want to visit Hickey’s Pharmacy, which offer testing in Dublin, Cork and Counties Kildare, Louth, Meath and Wexford. You can book with them online as well, though the price is a little higher at €45. Finally, V1medical offer the service with results in 30 minutes for €49.

Overall Thoughts

While the rule remains in place, antigen testing is a fact of life when heading to the USA. Happily, as long as you’re vaccinated, no test is required for those returning to Ireland. That was a very welcome rule when it was dropped recently.

I really can’t complain as I would rather have this test over a PCR test, solely due to the cost. PCR tests are far more expensive so at least the US authorities didn’t insist on that.

Have you booked an antigen test with any of the above providers? Are there others that I have not listed? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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