Air New Zealand have been producing innovative and catchy safety videos for some time now. Their latest one has been filmed in a place where most people have never been, Antarctica. I previously wrote about the shooting of the video.

Billed as the “World’s Coolest Safety Video” – because it’s cold in Antarctica, you know – it was filmed on location at Scott Base. This is New Zealand’s research facility at Pram Point on Ross Island.

Antarctica Safety Video

It must have been a real treat for the Scott Base scientists and crew to take part in this video. Considering the remote location and the fact there wouldn’t be all that much to do, I imagine it was quite the highlight.

What really makes this video are the shots of Antarctica itself. This is a place that not many people get to visit and seeing the captivating landscape here is awesome.

Enjoyably, it is not just aircraft safety that is being presented here. Nuggets of information such as the core sample drill and how it works, and the fact it hasn’t rained for 2 million years in the dry valleys really enhances the whole thing.

The video is presented by Hollywood actor and environmentalist Adrian Grenier, who does a pretty good job. You really should spend 5 minutes checking this out.

Overall Thoughts

Sending a crew to Antarctica to film a new safety video has to be one of the most unusual ideas ever. Considering it is completely engaging, educational, visually appealing and gets the message across is some achievement.

The fact airlines are now using these videos as both a point of differentiation and for marketing is a real change from the serious, bland and boring messages of years past. I’m definitely a fan!

What do you think of the Air New Zealand Antarctica safety demonstration? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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