UPDATE 4/9/14 – A reader wrote today letting me know that RCL has updated the terms and conditions of M Life benefits. If you received your M Life status through a matching program (i.e. Hyatt to M-Life, you are not eligible for any onboard benefits. This has always been the case for the complimentary cruise, but now applies to onboard benefits too. I’m glad some were able to take advantage of this while it worked.

You might remember my post on a report of an MLife member having difficulty getting MLife benefits applied to an upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise. A handful of readers chimed in that they had not experienced any difficulty doing so. I’m pleased to report that the reader who was having difficulty was successful in getting his MLife benefits applied to his cruise. I reached out to a contact at Royal Caribbean, and after checking, they confirmed that with the exception of the “free cruise” for gambling spend, you should be able to obtain MLife benefits even if your MLife status was through their affiliation with Hyatt.

Let’s review the steps to get your MLife benefits applied to your next Royal Caribbean cruise:

1) Call Royal Caribbean’s dedicated M Life number, (800) 762-0702, and they will apply a code to your reservation which allows onboard staff to identify you as an M Life member; or

2) Visit the casino onboard the ship on the first night of your cruise, and staff there can assist you in getting the benefits.

-MJ, October 3, 2013