The American Express Platinum card is a perennial favorite among frequent travelers. it may not be the best choice for typical spend (aside from airfare), but it offers a number of perks that many people consider worth the $550 annual fee. I’m not one of them, though. The card is too rich for my blood, and some of the benefits it offers I get through other products. But an Amex Platinum 125K offer? That turns my head.

Amex Platinum 125K Offer: Am I Targeted?

After reading this post over at Miles to Memories this morning, this was the first time in years I’ve really been interesting in picking up the Platinum card. The welcome offer of 125,000 Membership Rewards points for just $5,000 in spend within the first three months is a best-ever (I think). This is excellent, considering that many Platinum card offers require a much higher spend. This is an excellent combination of both an amazing bonus and an easily-achievable spend.

The question is…am I targeted? I decided I’d take a look at my American Express account. The offer will show up in the Pre-Qualified offers.

Sadly, I am not targeted. The typical Platinum card offer of 60,000 points after $5,000 in purchases is all that shows. I browsed the other card offers as well, and nothing out of the ordinary showed up. I’d also be interested in the Gold Card at some point for its excellent grocery bonus.

Amex Platinum 125K Offer

Final Thoughts

I was really hoping this targeted offer would be available to me. Figuring out Amex’s algorithm’s is a mystery. However, many people have speculated that higher spending on their cards is what gets you better retention offers and what even unlocks the dreaded welcome offer popup, if you’re receiving that. I’ve never had an issue with the popup (my wife received it once), but I have also never had especially good retention offers. My spend across my American Express cards is reasonable and consistent, but not high.

Are you targeted for the Amex Platinum 125K offer?

Original source: Reddit