I posted yesterday that American will begin the slow drawdown of the US Airways reservations system next weekend with a schedule change that will convert all US operated flights to AA flights effective October 17. Until then, it should be mostly business as usual unless you have a flight booked with US Airways for travel after October 17. If you do, American will facilitate a transition of your reservation into American’s Sabre system beginning next weekend, hopefully contacting you proactively with your new confirmation number. Keep an eye on your confirmations!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 3.28.01 PM

For AA or US travel between now and October 16, I have one recommendation – book your travel on the website of the airline that will be operating your flight. That is the best way to assure the most trouble free elite upgrade experience. If you book on the operating airline’s website your upgrades will process in accordance with the upgrade policy at the window. If you’re booked on a codeshare, you’ll only be able to upgrade at check-in which is less than ideal. I’ve had two friends get caught in this in the last 7 days when seats were available.

Assuming all goes well, and I’m optimistic that it will given how things went with the mileage program merger, everything will be on one system on October 17, and we will have just one upgrade procedure to follow. Given the upgrade success I’ve enjoyed on American, I’m looking forward to seeing everything on one system.

-MJ, July 11, 2015