After a week in Cleveland, it was time to head back home. Once again I would be on an American Eagle Embraer 145, a little jet that services shorter routes.

I quite like Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It’s generally quite straightforward to get through, even if there is no lounge for American Airlines passengers. Before you smirk at the “international” moniker, non-stop flights to Dublin are starting in May 2023 by Ireland’s Aer Lingus. I know how I’ll be getting here in future!

Gate Check!

As expected, everyone with normal sized cabin bags had to gate check them due to the miniscule overhead bins on the E145. Red Valet tags were handed out, which I attached while I waited for boarding.

This time I was prepared and had brought plastic supermarket bags to put my laptop into. Last time I had to carry it on board as I was not prepared for having to remove it from the bag. You live, you learn!


On this evening, I was first on board as there were no passengers in the pre-boarding or group one categories. Since there is no first class cabin on this plane, perhaps that is not too surprising.

AA5967 – Cleveland to Philadelphia (CLE-PHL)
10 December 2022
Embraer 145 – N642AE
Seat: Main Cabin Extra 12A
Departure: 18:10 Arrival: 19:39

A friendly flight attendant greeted me at the door and I headed off to my Main Cabin Extra seat. These are in the exit row on this aircraft, as you can see on the seat map here.

American Eagle E145 Cabin

Since I was on board first, I was able to get some pictures before everyone else arrived. There are 18 rows of seats, with a single toilet located in the rear.

When boarding was complete, I was asked if I was able to operate the emergency exit, to which I agreed. I then decided to have a look at the safety card.

After the safety demonstration, the pilots announced they had advised the flight attendant not to do the on board service. This was due to expected turbulence en route, which was the same story as my outbound flight.

Flying To Philadelphia

Soon enough we took to the sky and were shrouded in clouds for the initial part of the flight. Turbulence was very light and proved to be almost non-existent for the duration.

One couple had asked for water and were given an entire litre bottle. I was most jealous as I sat there thirsty for an hour or so! Eventually we landed in Philadelphia without incident. Cabin bags are returned in the jetway quite efficiently with little waiting, which is always good.

Overall Thoughts

Time to avoid flights on the American Eagle Embraer 145. I am not a fan of having to take laptops out of my cabin baggage and carry it separately onto the plane, efficient as the whole take it off you, give it back to you process with the bag is.

The turbulence issue is puzzling as well. When you hear the flight attendant is being advised not to do service due to turbulence, I was expecting to be thrown around the sky. This is the second time where the subsequent flight after the no service announcement has been very smooth.

What do you think of the American Eagle E145? Do you like to fly on it or would you actively avoid it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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