American Airlines and The Avengers Team Up With Stand-Up to Cancer Using an Airbus a321

American Airlines teamed up with Marvel’s The Avengers to promote Stand Up To Cancer, one of the leading cancer awareness organizations. Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) and American Airlines began their partnership in 2016. American Airlines saw Stand Up To Cancer’s innovative and bold take on cancer awareness and decided they were the perfect organization to work with. The collaboration was a multi-million dollar project aimed at spreading public awareness. This year, the collaboration between American and SU2C was taken to another level.

a white sign with red carpet and people walking in the background

American Airlines, Stand Up To Cancer, and The Avengers Team Up To Fight Cancer

At American Airlines’ hangar in Los Angeles, members of the American Airlines, Stand Up To Cancer, and The Avengers teams came together to celebrate the three organization’s partnership. In a unique event featuring passionate speeches, community, and a dramatic reveal, the organizations unveiled the next stage in the public awareness campaign. Following a brief ceremony, a massive white curtain dropped and revealed an Airbus a321-200 featuring a brand new livery.

American Airlines New Stand Up To Cancer/The Avengers Livery - N116AN

American Airlines New Stand Up To Cancer/The Avengers Livery – N116AN

The Special Livery on Airbus a321 N116AN

As part of the collaborative public service announcement, American Airlines introduced a new limited-time special livery on one of its many Airbus A321s. An Airbus a321-200 configured in the airlines signature transcontinental layout, N116AN, now features decals promoting Stand Up To Cancer and Marvel’s The Avengers: Infinity Wars. The decals feature members of The Avengers, American Airlines’ employees, and healthcare specialists. The resounding theme, of course, is teaming up to defeat evil and accomplish the impossible.

American Airlines Airbus a321 (N116AN) with the special SU2C/Avengers Livery

American Airlines Airbus a321 (N116AN) with the special SU2C/Avengers Livery

I’ve already managed to spot the new aircraft parked at the gate at Los Angeles once since the reveal. N116AN is one of American’s transcontinental aircraft so you’ll be able to catch the bird at LAX, San Francisco International Airport, and New York’s JFK.

Earn Miles When You Donate to Stand Up To Cancer

In addition to a beautiful new livery, American Airlines is offering AAdvantage members the ability to earn miles when they donate to Stand Up To Cancer. When you donate $25 or more to SU2C, you’ll receive 10 AAdvantage miles for every dollar donated. According to the promotional landing page, there isn’t a maximum number of miles you can earn. So, in theory, you could donate $2500 to SU2C (which you should if you’re able) and earn 25,000 AAdvantage miles. Here’s the official promotion.

Overall, American’s Airbus a321 SU2C Livery

As someone who’s passionate about the aviation and airline industry, I’m always delighted when the industry collaborates with organizations to do good in the world. Aircraft are the perfect vehicle to spread the word for a cause. N116AN can be seen parked at gates at Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York-JFK, some of the busiest airports in the world. In addition to promoting Stand Up To Cancer through the airline’s special livery, AAdvantage members can earn miles for simply donating to SU2C. It’s a fantastic collaboration between three great organizations.

Dropping the Curtain on American's New SU2C/Avengers Livery

Dropping the Curtain on American’s New SU2C/Avengers Livery