American Airlines is reportedly working on a new business class product. This report comes from a series of Tweets sent by AA-insider, JonNYC. According to JonNYC, American Airlines is said to be working on several changes to its widebody fleet strategy. This new strategy will allegedly include a new business class product and de-throne the Boeing 777-300ER from its position as American’s flagship aircraft.

American Airlines’ New Flagship Airliner

Since the aircraft’s delivery in 2012, American Airlines has considered its fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs to be its flagship aircraft. At the time of its delivery, the Boeing 777-300ER was the newest widebody to enter American’s fleet in some years. However, the widebody aircraft also featured an updated first and business class cabin. Initially, only the first class cabin received American’s flagship branding, with the 777-300ER’s first class cabin marketed as Flagship First. This monicker soon made its way to other premium cabins and products.

In the coming months, the Boeing 777-300ER could lose its title as American’s flagship airliner. JonNYC shared via Twitter that American Airlines is likely to move its fleet of Boeing 787-9s into this title. However, this move will not be purely ceremonial. According to JonNYC, this new title will likely come with a new business class product.

an airplane in the sky

An American Airlines Boeing 787-9 in-flight. The 787-9 could soon take on the title of American’s flagship airliner. This move could also come with the introduction of a new business class cabin. (Image courtesy of American Airlines)

What Is Known About This Potential New Business Class Product

American Airlines’ new business class product would be designed to better compete with DeltaONE Suites and United Polaris. American Airlines’ hard-product is already quite competitive. However, business class cabins have evolved significantly since American’s latest business class cabins took to the skies. None of American’s premium cabin products feature a door, something that is now offered by both Delta and JetBlue.

This new product would likely feature a heavy emphasis on branding. Like Delta’s DeltaONE Suites, American Airlines’ new business class cabin would emphasize that the product is its Flagship Business product.

JonNYC also speculated what business class product might end up aboard American’s new flagship airliner. The most likely candidate for a new Flagship Business product is the Adient Aerospace Ascent. The Ascent is Adient Aerospace’s latest generate widebody business class product. The Ascent features a retractable door among numerous other components. However, this retractable door makes the Ascent significant as it pertains to American Airlines’ widebody fleet.

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The Adient Ascent features a retractable door for added privacy. (Image courtesy of Adient Aerospace)

a small cabinet with headphones inside

The Adient Ascent is speculated to be a candidate for American Airlines’ alleged new business class product. (Image courtesy of Adient Aerospace)

The source for this post, JonNYC, is quite reliable and often accurate. While JonNYC’s tweets are speculative, this speculation is not unwarranted.

For one, American Airlines’ business class products are quickly becoming somewhat dated and even subpar. When positioned alongside Delta’s DeltaONE Suites and JetBlue’s Mint Suites, American’s current generation business class products are slightly underwhelming.

American Airlines is also the last major US airline to offer an international first class product. It has been speculated for some years now that this product is on its way out. With significantly less demand for business travel, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly likely that American Airlines will cut international first class in the near future.

The Bottom Line

American Airlines is allegedly rethinking the airline’s widebody fleet strategy. A new strategy would likely place the Boeing 787-9 into the title of flagship aircraft. This change would most likely come with a new and more competitive business class product.

While currently just speculation, it is highly likely that American Airlines will make some changes to its widebody fleet strategy in the near future. Whether these changes will come with a new business class product is yet to be confirmed.

What do you make of these rumors? Do you think American Airlines will launch a new business class product in the coming months?

[H/T: JonNYC via Twitter]