I wrote about my first nibble with American’s new shorter haul snack service recently. I fell for the fruit and cheese again yesterday, which remained quite tasty. For today’s flight, I went with the other choice that was offered – a hummus plate. Again, I wasn’t disappointed. The service began with a round of drinks accompanied by warm mixed nuts. Then, the hummus arrived, which included three tasty pita chips. Here’s a look.

american airlines, first class, snack

Perhaps I’ve been beaten into submission, but this seems perfectly adequate to me for an early afternoon flight that is going to spend 1 hour and 26 minutes in the air. If you’re curious, the route of flight is RDU-MIA. Several requests for second helpings of the warm mixed nuts were cheerfully answered with refills.

Several bloggers have written about American’s May 1 catering tweaks. I’m looking forward to reviewing the breakfast and dinner services offered on the airline’s new Atlanta – LAX nonstops next week.

-MJ, May 9, 2015