The American Airlines DCA Admirals Club was newly renovated back in 2012. I passed through in October that year and wrote the following review. Not surprisingly, when I last passed through in 2018, everything was virtually the same. Enjoy the review!

After security, I walked the length of the terminal and couldn’t find the lounge. I connected to the airport’s free WiFi and found out it was right next to security, and in I went. There were three agents at the desk, and I asked if I was allowed access as I was connecting to a transcontinental flight in Miami.

The agent was surprised I was doing this, as it seems it’s a rare thing, but she said, “For miles?” and I said yes, and she understood. On 1 September 2012, American Airlines changed lounge access. First and Business Class passengers travelling between MIA-LAX, JFK-LAX and JFK-SFO are now permitted access – and these are the only routes where it’s allowed domestically.

The agents all discussed this among themselves, and one found the notice that passengers connecting to these services were allowed. They worked the problem very methodically actually. The system still wasn’t accepting my boarding pass scan, so the lounge agent asked, “Well, do I put it in as oneworld or as other?” and was advised to put it in as other. As I was leaving, I heard discussion about e-mailing to advise of the problem.

American Airlines DCA Admirals Club

Apparently the Washington Reagan National lounge is a newly renovated and redesigned lounge, so here are some pictures of it and from it.

The bar has free soft drinks (I had a Coke), beer and wine, and paid for drinks otherwise.

You Can Purchase Food Too!

In addition, there was quite a good selection of food which you could order if you so desired. I didn’t, as I knew I was getting fed on board.

I decided to see the lounge agents again to check my frequent flyer number and then I proceeded down to the gate

Overall Thoughts

And that is how I wrote about the American Airlines DCA Admirals Club back in 2012. The design doesn’t really appeal to me, which is just down to my personal taste. Still, it is a comfortable enough place to wile away an hour or so before flight.

What do you think of the American Airlines Admirals Club at Washington Reagan National Airport? Have you ever bought any of the food off the menu? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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